Yamaha 5550 ay tips!


Howard S.
I just got a yamaha 5550 and it sounds great. I am a little confused about the 6.1 feature. I am not sure if a need a special hook up or not. I have my DVD player hooker up to teh reciever with an optical line for the sound.

I played Lord of the rings last night and I tried to play it in 6.1 but no sound came out. When I went back to th 5.1 it was fine.

Can anyone give me a little lesson in the art of 6.1 and ths receiver. You all have been so helpful in getting me this far. Just a little moe help please.

PS. any good advice about a good DVD player between 150.00 and 200.00

Thanks ALL

Phil Krewer
To my knowledge the 5550 is only a 5.1 receiver. You can't hook up a 6th speaker. It will to my knowledge matrix a 5.1 format to a 6.1 format by faking a 6th channel. You should be able to do this with any 5.1 format. Look though the manual on sound formats.

As for DVD players the one that people are hot after over at hometheaterforum is the Panasonic RP 82, if you can find one. Another DVD esp for progressive scan quality that people seem to be getting is the Panasonic CP72, which you should be able to find in your price range.


Sarandon Johnson
Howard, the Htr-5550 is a 5.1 receiver but it does do Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES Matrix through the 5.1 setup. But if you want to do 6.1 then I suggest the Yamaha RX-V640, the Denon AVR-1804, or the Marantz SR-4300.
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