Integrated Amp for DALI 606 speakers


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Dear All,
I am looking for an advice on if I need a inetgrated amp (IA) to go with my system instead of my AV recevier Sony STR DB930.

My problem is very weak bass sound. Yes it i there but you must be listening real hard to find the bass bits as they are hideen behind the details.

My questions are:

1. Is an AV receiver (regarless of how well it is creiticized and acclaimed) not a good way to listen a music.

2. The last weekend I listened to Marantz 7001 and NAD532 with a pair of DALI Blue 6006 (the newer version of my speakers), Marantz was very clear and musical especially in the highs, and the NAD was more punch and boomy. Yet, the bass was not that deep and tight. (By the way I cannot forget the ELac 207's and the Hotel California/Eagles on that speaker in Bangkok). Too weak for my tastes. On the other hand I like the detailed sound.

What is your recommenatditons. Stay with SONY STR DB930 and fiddle with the small equaliser for deeper basses) or get an integrated amp?

Would you recommend Marantz 7001ü NAd or Yamaha 595 or Denon 1055 inegrated amplifiers.

WOuld you recomment to get a very high end AV receiver like Pioneer VX AX5 or 10, as, when I buy a new Amp I will have problems to get new pair of speakers mor the movies as my speaker do not allow biwiring.

Your help is appreciated.


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Ahmet -

Are you certain that the lack of bass is caused by your current receiver? It could be caused by the room and not by the components.

Do you know what frequency the bass drop off is? A good test tones CD will be able to tell you where along the frequency range the dips and peaks are.

A lot of times when their is a lack of bass, it's caused by the room and not the equipment. Often enough, bass frequencies have a tendency to cancel each other out, causing a hole in your frequency response. If it is the room, no equipment - amps, speakers, etc - will be able to correct it the proper way. You would need acoustic treatments.

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You will always get better 2 channel sound fron a dedicated stereo amp.

The trick is do you watch DVD's much or is more music?

If its all music sell the Sony and demo some brands the like of NAD, Musical Fidelity, Creek, Naim, Rotel & Arcam.

Good luck!

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John -

I argee with you, but keep in mind that if his room is at fault it doesn't matter what goes in it. If the dips and spikes in frequency response are caused by room acoustics, even the cleanest and most ruler flat gear is going to sound bad. He claimed to have very little bass. Even the worst Sony has enough bass to clearly hear. As muddy and boomy as it may be, it should still be easily audible.

If he can rule out the room as the culprit, then I agree with your recommendations; they are very good brands.
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