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I've been visiting this forum for a while now, and used to read posts about
the level of service in some of the countries. Things like taking a piece
of AV equipment to home for trials, and hours and hours of demo are things
which are still not possible, if you're in India.

However i've had a wonderful experience of some good service in Pune, India.
My audio setup consists of NAD 320BEE, 521BEE along with B&W 602S3, connected
using Kimbre Cable and Monster AV800. All of this was bought from the same person,
who has been very patient with me, allowed me to have multiple demos of multiple
product combinations, multiple times, before i took my decision. At times we had
difference of opinion, but i was never forced into buying product X or Y, it was
all along me who took the decisions, as it should be !!
Last month, my amp suddenly had some problems, the left channel output stage somehow
developed some problems, but again my dealer was a great help to me, it was sent to
the proper people for repairs and although the warranty had just got expired, he somehow
managed to get it fixed free of cost :-) !!
In case u're in or around Pune, India, i would really recommend you this place...

AV Excellence, contact- Mr. Anand Lulla (9850982064, 91-20-26127000)

It would be wrong on my part if i don't mention some extremely knowledgeable and helpful
people of this forum like Hawk, Sun King, and many many more, who had also guided me
through the selection process. I did'nt knew ANYTHING about all these AV equipment,
when i had started my search. All i had was some hard saved money and a strong wish
to make a good audio setup. And i've really learnt a lot in the process.

I just want to THANK all the people involved, cos this small music setup i have is the
best thing in my life (i'm not yet married...but i doubt it if that would be better than
this hehehehe)!!


Congratulations on your purchase and well done on finding a good dealer. I have the bee combo too and can fully understand your enthusiam for them for the money they are great bits of kit.


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hi manish,

me using the same setup with NAD 320BEE with PSB B25s but i just upgraded to NAD 542 CDP and enlightened.
Did you try replacing the amp pre-out jumpers? I hear the sound improves but not sure.

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hi nike

I have'nt tried replacing the jumpers, but replacing them with what ? i have heard some people putting cable instead of the jumpers...but am not sure if that would make much of a difference.
As for 542, i am really curious, as to how much improvement it is over 521, cos i was under the impression that 542 is 521 + HDCD support.

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Hey Manish,

Congrats on ur new setup.

I am in Mumbai and interested in a similar setup what u have. Would u mind to share what u spent on the setup. I would appreciate that.



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Its not a new setup anymore, :-) its almost 2 yrs old now !! But i hope the prices still are the same.
Anyways it was something like this..
Speakers - B&W 602S3 - Rs. 36.5K
Amp - NAD320bee - Rs. 19K
CDP - NAD521bee - Rs. 16K
Did buy a Cassette deck too Technics (11K).


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Hi Manish,
Which model of Technics did you purchase? I have a RS-TR575 lying unused in Mumbai for the past 4 years. One deck is not ejecting and has a cassette stuck. I need to get it fixed.

Make absolutely sure that you don't get any moisture within 2-3 feet of this deck. It is a wonderful deck(have it since 1994), but very problematic in humid conditions.

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I have the RS 272, and its not really used much. just for some of the old cassettes lying with me, for which i did'nt buy any CDs yet !!

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Hi Manish,

I read ur reviews on NAD for ur B&W 602's. I m also going for a B&W, but a 604 S3....if u go to ur thread on NAD, u'll find a posting from me on choosing the right amp for my speakers. The NAD is a bit far expensive for me. After going through a lot of reviews and looking back upon my budget as of now, Marantz PM7200 seems to be the right option. I havent yet tested this on 604 S3's. Although i have auditioned this amp on 200+wpc speakers and i ve found it powerful enough, but i m a litle skeptical about its performance with B&W. If by any chance u or ur friends ever tried this combination, then do give me a feed back. I m basically from delhi, but currently based out of chennai. u can meet me on msn messenger - tiwarysandeep at hotmail. I love to talk to audiophiles like me. Wht is ur current setup? Tell me more about ur experiences and research on hi-ends!!!

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