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I have a Onyko TX-NR801 which has a 7.1 pre-amp output with Polk rti110 tower speakers. The speakers are "bi-ampable" and I wanted to know if anyone know if I can put an amp output from my pre-amp outputs for the front speakers to another amplifier and connect that as a second source to the speaker. I already have the pre amp output going to my sub woofer used up. I'm really just trying to see if there is an easy way to do this adding minimal equipment.

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Hi Eric.
The unused 6and 7th channels would otherwise be for 2nd room.
These will do well for bi-amping the fronts.

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I am already using all 7 speakers for my room so that would lend me to think that I do not have any additional room to hook up anything else to the towers. I was thinking I could use the pre-amp portion of the front speakers, and hook up a second two channel amp to power the second part of the tower speakers. I'm thinking that's not what I want to do though after reading up on the topic. Basically I was thinking of the same concept if I did not have a powered sub woofer, but needed a seperate amp to power it. Would that not be a similar concept? I'd have to get some sort of corssover so only the low freq's would get through though as I would only want that feeding the three bass speakers in the towers. Am I totally off base here?

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No, but I think that is the entire problem. You're effectively diverting the entire signal when you plug into the pre-amp outs. I don't see how you can get it to crossover (send part of the signal out to a separate amp, and the other part to the integral amp) before the pre amp without opening up your receiver, and if you could do that, you would not be looking for help! That receiver is what, 750$ish? I wouldn't be opening it up :-).

Nuck, what settings need adjusting if your going to use the other two channels to bi-amp with one receiver? I have a HK AVR 635 which has a similar set up as Eriks receiver, and the same RTi10's. I cannot be so simple adjust hooking up the wires can it? Do you keep the settings at large? Or Small to the Tweeter and driver, and large to the woofer? Is there a recommended crossover for that?

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Erik, I don't know anything about your speakers , ( some speakers benefit more from bi-amping than others) but you can use your front pre-outs hooked to a 2 ch. amp ( which in itself, without bi-amping should help your speaker quite a bit). Or you could get a 5ch. amp and use rca y-adapters from your pre-outs run to 2 seperate ch. on amp to bi-amp and use the other unused ch. on amp to run your center ch. to keep your front 3 ch. for h/t sounding the same.
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