H1pst3r ....Is the HK AVR325 overkill for me?


I live in Canada and have a buddy who works at Future Shop up here which carries H/K and he can get me a AVR325 for a smokin deal. It retails up here for $1499.99 but he will give it to me for cost plus 10% which works out to about $950.00 This is Canadian funds by the way. Thats like 10 bucks US. :) Anyway, I was in the demo room today listening to it for the first time and all I have to say is......WOOOWWW!!!!! Now I understand why you dig these receivers. My jaw hitting the floor must have been louder than the pounding bass shaking me off the couch!!

But.....Your opinion please..... At the store I was listening through full size Wharfdale speakers however at home whatever receiver I get will only be running through the tiny little Energy Take 5.2 system. and because Im on a budget, if I buy this I wont be able to upgrade speakers for quite awhile. So tell me....is getting this thing totally overkill when playing though speakers like mine? I mean, will I even get 3/4 of the benefit that this quality receiver has to offer, or would I be better off maybe getting something a bit cheaper (Onkyo 600, Denon 1803, blah, blah)and maybe at least upgrading my front speakers to full size. What do you think?


Hey Mike...I think you're a lucky guy!

No such thing as too much power and that Take 5.2 system is great.

If cash isn't too much of a squeeze (and it sounds like you're getting a sweet deal) jump!

WOW! If you can get the 325 for less than an Onk 600 or Denon 1803, DEFINITELY get it...maybe I'll take one for the wife's office.

Good luck and let me know if I can help with anything HK-specific.

Mike: I have the Take 5.2 speaker system it's great! I'm using an Onkyo 494 receiver which I beleive the 500 has replaced. If I could afford the HK receiver you're talking about I'd go for it. If you don't won't to spend that much the less expensive Onkyo will do very nicely!

Well....everyone else has been saying the same too....Thats all the convincing I need guys! I know what Im doing right after work today...Im gonna get me an H/K baby!

Thanks guys!

Hey Mike,

Did ya get it yet???

Let us know how the 325 is with the 5.2 system!



Hey guys! Yes, I got it and after spending the whole evening setting it up and getting it all just right. I sat down for the tests....Saving Private Ryan, the Gladiator, Fifth Element Superbit, Matrix... all the favorites. My response?..... Oh....my god.........I think I'm gonna cry....it is like the heavens literally opened up and let an angel into my livingroom to serenade me!!! Even on my little 5.2 system, the soundtracks were full bodied, rich, textured, and downright LOUD when I needed them to be!

Ok guys, I have to admit I was in doubt about H/K before, but I am OFFICIALLY converted. I knew the Energys were good little speakers but I NEVER in million years thought such small speakers could sound THIS good! After hearing the difference and seeing the absolute abundance of features on this receiver including the MultiZone, EZ setup remote with SPL meter built in, A-bus compatibility, and the triple crossover for the fronts! WOW!!!! Now I can clearly see....you really DO get what you pay for. Not a single regret guys, thanks for the push!!!

From now on its H/K 4EVR!!!



After all those flix I can't believe we heard from you as quickly as we did...congrats!

I know the feeling you had about the heavens opening. I literally heard instruments on some west african music CD's that I had NEVER heard before...and I'd been listening to some of those tracks for years. I do especially love this beast for music--the imaging, depth, and shear presence just blows me away on two-channel stereo: you hear every nuance regardless of volume level...and warn the neighbors before hitting the volume knob...pure clarity all the way up!

Now start digging into the manual and check out how to tweak the settings to get pure audio paths, and all the fun you can have with the triple cross-overs PER INPUT...it's just freakin' awesome.

As for the movies, I too was completely blown away: the separation and soundstage was huge--extending beyond my speakers.

Psyched that you dig it!

All the best,

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