JVC vs Kenwood vs Panasonic vs Sony


Got it narrowed down to four -
JVC RX-8020
Kenwood VR-6060
Panasonic SA-HE100
Sony STR-DE885
Anyone have any positive or negative experiences with any of these four?

mike from canada
Of those four..get the Kenwood, period.

Panasonic sucks...I bought it and returned it the next day. Cheaply built, kept overloading at low levels.....crappp!

Sony sucks too. Got a friend who works at the Sony store and even HE says the power is unacceptably lower then rated specs. 100 watt/channel amps are pushing about half that RMS. Plus it doesnt decode DTS-ES.

Dont know about JVC but the Kenwood has got many, many excellent consumer reviews plus from what everyone says it pushes about 90 watts RMS with all channels driven. More than enough power for anyones modest home theater needs.

I bought the Panasonic and brought it back the next day. I was unhappy with the quality and look but was swayed by some reviews and the price. Well you get what you pay for. I wont say "it sucks" but it did not deliver the kind of bass I was looking for. Good sound seperation though and loaded with features!

If $299.00 is the max you want to spend I think it's the best you will do. If you have the extra $150.00-$200.00 Get the Kenwood or the Onkyo SR600 or the Harmon Kardon AVR 225.

I ended up with the Onkyo and love it!

Dude stay away from Sony, Sony ES, kenwood, Panasonic and JVC. they all suck bigtime!!!! I would suggest trying out other receivers like the Yamaha RX-V430, the Onkyo SR600, the Denon AVR-1804, and the Marantz 4300. Either way, if you would to walk away with either one of these brands, you cant go wrong. And also try the Pioneer Elite.
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