Pioneer Elite VSX-49TX


I am considering to buy this to Drive a Paradigm 7.1 system. (Studio series). Any ideas???
How would you compare it with the Onkyo SR800 or the Denon 3803? is it worth the price difference???


Well, the Pioneer is about $3000 more than either the Onkyo or the Denon and I certainly don't think it is going to sound $3000 better.

If you got tons of money, the Pioneer is the better receiver (THX ultra vs. THX select Onkyo vs. non-THX Denon). If money is any sort of issue, the Onkyo or the Denon are fine receivers and will probably sound 98% of the way to the Pioneer. You really hit that law of diminishing returns once you're over a thousand bucks or so for a receiver.

I would consider a similar class of Yamaha over the Onkyo or Denon before you make your final decision. To not evaluate Yamaha would be to leave what may be the finest receiver brand of all your choices out of the competition.

Good luck and I hope this helps, if only just a little.


Thanks PO,
Any recommendation on a 7.1 channel Yamaha that is in the range of a thousand $?

One more thing: in the Yamaha web-site, they do not mention 7.1 support on their receivers...only 6.1.
I am not a big expert on this. They do mention 8 channels, but no word on 7.1. (which is what I want to do)
The speakers I purchased are 2 fronts, front center, two rear, two sides and a sub.

I have the Onkyo TXS-R800 and it is wonderful, but of course I am sure the Pioneer would sound better since it sells for 1000.00s more, but I don't believe I could hear enough difference to justify the $$$$$.
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