First time buyer.


I'm buying my first AV Reciever and DVD Player. The choices are so many that it's quite confusing. I was looking at Sony and I'm not too happy with what I've read.
For the last 25 years I've been using a Kenwood Power Amp. It just quit on me a few months ago after 25 years and was never in the shop for any repairs.
I've pretty much made up my mind to go with the Kenwood VR-6060 or the Kenwood VR-6070. I'm not sure if the 6070 is worth the extra money. Can someone convince me that it is?
Now that I've pretty much made up my mind as to what brand I'm leaning towards, out of town company last week said I should be looking into a Denon instead. Why? I do like what I've seen in the Denon 1803, but I know nothing about Denon. Everything I've owned has been Kenwood or Sony.
I guess I should mention that I'll be using this for music probably more than for movies, but I want something good for both. As I stated earlier, I'm just now making the switch from VCR to DVD.
Ok, now let's talk DVD Players. I was at Best Buy last week and I really like the Philips line, but I also like the Toshiba SD 3800 and the SD 4800. The SD 4800 is $50.00 more than the SD 3800 and the sales person couldn't tell me what the difference is.
Well, like I said, I'm a first time buyer in AV Recievers AND DVD Players. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If you're a Kenwood fan go with the IS worth the extra cash if only for THX Select certifiction (great for theater).

For DVD I would choose (in fact I did) the Yamaha DVC6480. It is a wonderful changer for both video and DVD-audio. If you are a Phillips fan they have new DVD/SACD (super audio CD) player hat is getting stupendous reviews. I've only seen available at J&R music, and they seem to fly off the shelves.

Can't go wrong with that pair!

Good luck,

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