Which connection to use???!?!?!?!??!


I'm currently using a VSX-33TX (Pioneer) receiver with DTS/Dolby-Digital and THX capabilities. I'm awaiting my DV-434 (Pioneer) DVD-Player to arrive. I know to use the Component video into my television, but I'm absolutely stumped at which audio connection to use,either the Digital optical, coaxial or the 5.1-output?

Also, my DVD player is NOT THX capable, is that to deter my ability to hear disc's in THX code? Will using the 5.1-out on the DVD player also require the use of a Digital cable for THX/DTS?

You can use either optical or coaxial from your DVD to the receiver connection for digital sound -Dolby Digital, DTS, THX. They both are digital and sound will be the same (although some people think one is better than the other - coax offers a more sturdy connection. Your DVD does not do the the THX processing, it only sends the signal -your receiver performs the THX processing, so you are ok. Also, you can your digital connection to playback stereo CD's but I use the analog connections.

No audio when dvd to receiver set-up HELP!
I have a Panasonic DVD-CV50 and a Technics SADX930 AV Control Receiver. I hooked up my -video to the TV and my Coax Cable to the DVD coax input on the receiver. Seems easy enough, however after putting the setting on the receiver to DVD, no sound comes out. Neither stereo or surround. UNfortunately I have lost the manual for the DVD player. Is there something I'm supposed to set up there. Any help would be appreciated.
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