Acoustimass 16 with a 7.1 Receiver


I currently have a 32" Sony Wega TV and Sony DVP-655p dvd player. I am now ready to add a receiver and speakers to this mix.

Due to aesthetic preferences of my wife and the layout of my room the max speaker layout I can go to is 6.1. So, I have decided on buying the Bose Accoustimass 16.

I am planning on buying the Onkyo TX-SR800, or posssibly a Kenwood VR-6070. I have a couple of newbie questions about my receiver choice. (Apologies in advance if these have been covered before.)

1) The Onkyo is 7.1 receiver and I want to connect the Acoutimass 16s which are 6.1 to this receiver. Is this a problem? Can one configure a 7.1 receiver to work with 6.1 speakers?

2) Does my Sony DVP-655p have to output a 6.1 "signal" in order for me to get the benefit of of 6.1 layout? (I know the player has optical and coaxial digital outputs for Dolby Digital/DTS/PCM)

chester phong
Certainly, a 7.1 receiver can work with a 6.1 or 5.1 setup. You just have to go to the receiver's setup menu and configure it that way.

I would personally choose the Denon 1803 ($500) over the Onkyo or the Kenwood. Onkyo has had a recent history of poor build quality and the Kenwood doesn't do so good in music.

Finally your Sony DVD player will have no problem relaying a 5.1,6.1, or 7.1 mix to your receiver via optical or digital coax. It just depends on how the DVD is encoded.

Hope this helps and enjoy your new system.

I would go with Yamaha 5590, sonically better than Onkyo.

And I would never buy Bose. Bose is a marketing machine. With minimal research you can get a subwoofer + little satellite speaker system that is *far* superior in sound quality than Bose *and* it will be probably 20-30% cheaper.

You want dinky speakers that sound awesome? Check out the Paradigm Micro's or Atom's ( While they aren't tiny cubes, they are fairly small (Micro's are only 8.5 inches tall and weigh about 5 pounds) and sound a million times better than the Bose. A set of six micro's and a sub will be cheaper than Bose and will well and truly pound the Bose into the ground for sound quality. It's no comparison.

That's one example, there are many others. Look around a little more, you'll get better than Bose for way less.

Definitely check out the Yamaha too.

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