John J.
I have been doing research on new receivers and am leaning towards the ONKYO SR600. I have reservations though based on mixed reviews about the power and sound quality. I have read that when the volume is turned up somewhat loud that a hissing noise is produced through the speakers. Aother issue I have heard is that volume needs to be turned up high to clearly hear conversation/voices in movies. Let me know your thoughts on these.

I haven't heard the SR600. I doubt that difficulties in hearing dialog are ever the fault of the receiver and seldom the fault of speakers. People often experience this problem, and with patience it can probably be fixed by fiddling with receiver settings and placement of the center speaker (which should point toward listeners).


I own the Onkyo 600 and at the default settings I thought it was hard to hear the voices in movies and TV. I just bumped up the center channel +3 and viola!
This receiver is great. I have no hissing sounds or any problems at all. Greg hit it on the head. It just takes time to sit with any good receiver and "fiddle' with the settings till it's right for your room and your ears. Get the Onkyo, You wont be dissapointed!
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