JVC 8020 receiver?


mike poole
I am looking into buying a JVC 8020 receiver. I have seen some good write up on this and the price seems ok. I didn't know if you guys had any feedback on this or could give me a better receiver between 300 and 400 dollars.


Mike Poole

Hey Mike,

Early in my search for a new receiver I spotted this model and was pretty hip on it for a while. In my case, I ended up increasing my budget so I started looking at different manufacturers/models but for a few days there I was really into the 8020 (which is the one I think with the USB port on the front and MP3 decoding capabilites, 7.1 pre-amp, etc).

I went so far as to check for reviews and found that for the money it's a great little unit. On the down side, I did find some folks who felt, after upgrading from a JVC (though NOT this particular model) to another manufacturer, that they were suprised at the increased sound quality.

It had 7.1 pre-ins and outs, capable wattage, 35mhz component switching, line direct mode for clean analog audio, LCD remote, and supported the ES/EX formats. I thought it was a deal at a MSRP of $399.

However, If I recall correctly, the unit that stole my attention at the time was what I considered to be a better deal, the Kenwood 6070...many of the same features but a bit more capable and of course, THX select. I think you can find the Kenwoods for around the same price.

As far as quality though, I have stowed my JVC DVcam around the globe (and under the sea) and it is the epitome of professional quality. I love it. In fact that WAS part of my attraction to the 8020. Plus the JVC DVD players speak for themselves...excellent units.

Good luck and let us all know what you choose!


*other units to look at in that range would be Denon 1802/3, Onk TXSR500, HK225, Yam5550. These guys won't offer the features of the JVC (or Kenwood), but as the "feature/quality debate" rages, they may offer slightly better quality.

Mike Poole
Thanks so much for the help the people on here are just teh best. what more can I say.

I assume the you would think the JVC is better then an aiwa unit then.

Any feedback.

I would. I always wondered what happened to Aiwa. I only ever see them offering lower-end "all-in-one" home stereos with lots of lights and buttons and stuff.

Anyway, defintely keep in mind that $3-400 buys some nice technology and quality these days...and ALWAYS check for recently discontinued models. A good poster here, Phil Krewer, got a top-o-the-line Yamaha for 30 cents on the dollar...not bad.

Ask questions, do research, and go out and listen for what sounds good to you.


h1 just incase you are not aware it's probably because Sony now owns Aiwa and they are probably just phasing out some redundant product lines.
Sorry if you already knew this just thought I'd give you a heads up.

P.S. I have the HK AVR500 is this comparable to the 525's in output?

Hey Anon,

I kind of knew that, in fact I thought Sony/Aiwa had a relationship for a number of years.

But for a while that relationship didn't keep Aiwa from still producing what at the time would have been considered pretty quality units (thinking specifically of walkman/pint-sized shelf systems).

But your point is a good one, and I'm sure being absorbed into the Sony borg collective leaves one with few choices



Doing my HT system research. I'm looking HARD at the JVC RX 7030. But, I'd like some input as to the "Enhanced Compu Link" functionality. Anyone out their using two or three JVC products with "Compu Link"?


I have only read what you have on the "Compu Link"

but what I took from it was that....

lets say you want to watch a DVD... you press the dvd button on the receiver... and the dvd and TV and speakers automatically set up.... or lets say a game system is hooked up.. you press a button on the receiver and .... the TV, playstation/xbox and speaker are all on....

....if thats the case.... I'm starting to like the JVC model's even more...

...damn this decision is difficult!

(I go to work... have a bunch of money and want to spend it... but between the JVC H&K and Pioneer models.... I have no clue...... oh well...)

You are right about the compu-link, it's intended to have linked up JVC products working together. I own some JVC products and don't bother to use the link.

But enhanced compu-link has some better potential - I think it is used to transfer things like song titles between devices. For example the titles from a minidisc appearing on your receiver display or tv screen. Again, haven't used it....
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