Help: No Sound for Surround Back Speaker (THX)


I have a Pionner VSX-45TX receiver, and DV-47Ai DVD player. Playing Phantom Menace 2(THX), I get no sound on the rear speaker. I get sound from LF,C,LF,SW,SL,SR, but not the one for the rear. I only connect 1 speaker to the rear surround sound (in the left channel - use it as rear center). Movie mode is set to THX Cinema. Receiver & Player Tests are successful so it's not the speaker. THX Optimizer option on the DVD does not produce sound for the Surround Back speaker also.

Your problem is that you need to set your SB channels to on and not auto. If you manually turn them on, this will work and you will see that the reciever will read thx surround Ex instead of thx cinema. I had the same problem. The reason for this is that dome DVD's that have DD EX do not have so called "flag" to tell the receiver to turn the surround back speakers on. If you do this you wiil be fine.

Thanks anonymous. I'll try that. However, I did get the Surround Back speaker to work when playing the LOTR DVD without any adjustment. Phantom Menace 2 must be one of those that you must set manually.

That's normal. The center surround (usually) work only with Dolby Digital EX or DTS/EX. There are very few movies encoded this way (so far). Phantom Menace was one of the first. If there is no information for the 6th channel nothing will come out. The speaker is on but the source isn't sending anything to it.

Phil Krewer

Anon is right. Very few of the DD-EX has the flag LTOR is one of them. Others that come to mind are Pearl Harbor and Jurrasic Park III. The rest, including Phanton Menance, do not and you have to "force" your reciever to play the rear channels. Setting your receiver to automaically sellect THX EX should work and probably on any DD track. DTS-ES, should be recognize regardless.
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