Tough decision in choosing a new receiver


Justin C.
I have an old Yamaha HTR-5230 without DTS in my home theatre system. I planned to upgrade it to a better receiver to have DTS (6.1 channels preferred). It will be my birthday gift around mid February. My budget is about $500.00 to $600.00. I have done a very heavy research in this website as well as other websites. The following models are already in my wish list:
1. Kenwood VR 6070- sweet receiver with THX and a lot of other formats
2. Yamaha HTR-5590- I like the sound quality of Yamaha
3. Onkyo TX-SR 700- Most people say Onkyo gets very good sound.
4. Pioneer Elite VSX-41- Pionner Elite is famous for sound quality. Its big brother, VSX-49TX got a very good rating in sound & vision magazine.

I am scratching my head really hard because I can't decide which one to buy. Does anyone have a good idea? Any other brands/models are also welcomed to be mentioned. Tks in advance.

I receantly purchased the Onkyo sr700
very happy with it.
I purchased from
for$632.00 free fed ex and they are an authorized dealer.

I think you should add the Harman Kardon AVR225 to that list. Hard to beat sound quality and great features. Don't let the 55 watts of power fool you. It will blow away and budget priced 100x5 rated reciever, hands down.

Justin, please consider Yamaha RX-V1300 I think it is one of the best receiver for that range. lots of sound formats and DTS-ES, 6.1 also available as well as multi zone output. I don't recommend HK coz' it's too fragile, I went through 4 HK's before I got my RXV1300 (all of the HKs got problem with one of the channel)

Bill Beard
I have been researching av receivers for a month now and it seems when I have made my mind up new information will come along and I begin to have second thoughts. I started looking at the onkyo 800, then the denon 2803 and finialy decided on the HK 525. The sales manager said it was a great choice for music but not for home theatre applications. It was explained to me that the pioneer elite vsx 45 tx has dual motorola dsp processors which would give me better audio.
I was also told he has had reliablity problems with the H/K and has never had a pioneer elite come back. Can you all give me some hands on support so I can make my decision very soon.

Thanks "A"

Well I would recomend the vr-6070 HIGHLY its awsome with every format ive thrown at it but I do not recomend any sony reciever! do not get them they suck lok at this link: thewy arate there recievers at 100 wattsx6 but in tests it shows that they only come out too 31!what a joke ill never look at the sony's again! p.s. look at the bottom Sony thinks that their recievers are not made to drive all channels at once!hahaha

If you wanna get the 41 tx I would recomend jumping for the 43tx.but for a WAY better deal get the 6070, well you will have to get the 7080 because its discontinued.}
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