ProMedia (4 ohm) speakers with Kenwood VR-6070 question...


As explained in a separate post, I have a VR-6070 on the way. I have an older digital dolby receiver I am replacing had "surround speakers" hooked up that are physically in the back wall (i.e. not the correct side position).

I would like to try the correct side speaker placement using these extra Klipsch ProMedia satellite speakers, possibly buying two Klipsch Quintet satellite speakers down the line.

After researching extensively, I hooked up the two ProMedia speakers to the B side of my current A/V receiver as a test (started with VERY LOW volume). They actually worked extremely well, and the receiver did not get any hotter than normal. This old receiver is rated for 6 ohm to 16 ohm speakers, so I guess 4 ohms at non excessive volume was not an issue.

I've read the very long threads here where apparently at least one or more tried this, and there were some posts that "no longer recommended trying this".

With all the protective shutdown circuitry in the VR-6070 amp, what is the harm in trying this, particularly at low volumes and then working your way up?

I'm also thinking that the surrounds are driven less (i.e. there would be less power / less heat) as compared to the front and the center speakers.

What's, if anything, is wrong with the logic "give it a try and see what happens"?

There is nothing wrong with trying it because the 6070 has protection circuits which idiot proof the setups. One comment I would make is that if I did try it, I would feel more comforatable with some 4 ohm speakers that have better sensitivity. And since the Klisphs are known for having high sensitivity, you would be even safer trying this. What is the sensitivity of the speakers your trying? If they are 103dB or higher, you will probably not experience any problems at all.

I cannot find sensitivity ratings for these speakers, but they are somewhat related to the Quintet's which are rated at 90dB.

I don't necessarily plan on this as a permanent solution, but I just want to see whether DTS ES and DD EX sounds so much better with correctly positioned side surrounds before I shell out money for new speakers to use as side surrounds.

If there was some way of posting pictures of my room challenge (I guess I could always link to another site where I post pictures), I would do so to seek advise on better long range speaker solution.
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