Auto flag for DD ex


saw a couple of posts saying ppl are having trouble w/ the auto flag of DD ex. DD ex won't turn on in the receiver by the auto flag when playing a dvd w/ DD ex. i have tried it w/ terminator 2, monsters inc, and episode 2 on a yamaha 5560. someone w/ a kenwood had the same prob. the dvd is a panansonic rp62. just wondering if anyone else is having this prob.

dolby says on dvds prior to late 2001 u have to turn it on manually, but episode 2 is pretty recent. thanks in advance


Phil Krewer

This is only a rumor, but from what I have heard that none of the newer DVDs have DD EX flags on them. The reason, again rumor is that several receivers at about the same time failed to recognize the flag. Most of them being Onkyo and Integra receivers, which is why some of the "older" Onkyos cut out in DVDs with the EX flag. There were other brands involved, but my understanding is that Onkyo was the worst offender. In order to compensate for this Dolby removed the EX flag from DVDs. Again this is just rumor mill.

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