Logik MP3 Player, driver/CD question. Help!


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Hi, I have a Logik 1GB MP3 player that I filled up with albums and it worked fine. Recently, I deleted some folders from it to make way for some new albums. Now it won't work at all, it just freezes up and I have to remove the batteries to turn it off.
Though the tracks are MP3s from my PC they come up on the player as WMA!
My question is...I'm sure I used the CD that came with it when I first got it but I can't remember what it did. I think I may have "uninstalled" something I put on from the CD. I cannot find the CD. Do I actually NEED what was on the CD to make the player work, or was that just software for people without XP?
Basically, is it possible that I've deleted something from the layer that has stopped it working?
Also, if I DO need what was on the CD and don't HAVE the CD, does anyone know where I can get the software from, please?
Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!

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please help i downloaded songs from msn media player and they downloaded ok into my library and they play but when i downloaded those songs onto my logik mp3/wma 1gb player they wont play and the player just freezes i know these songs are protected by licenses is there something else i need from it to work

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I have a LOGIK MP3 player which I have copied a music CD on to. When using the laptop it shows that the tracks are on the MP3 but when I try and play them directly on the MP3 player I get the message "No Files". Any idea how to access the tracks.

joanna roberts
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hi ive bought a logik mp3 1gb and had to return it 3 times as it only regonises half the memory and than strts reading error on windows media player anyone else having problems

Danny sarge
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hi, my 512 meg logik mp3 player wont take licensed music, it has the driver software from the diosk on it but it just comes up with an error message when i try to downlaod music from napster, what should i do??? it handles mp3s but not wmas

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what op are you useing?

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I bought my daughter a Logik 256 MB MP3 player which is supposed to support WMA and MP3 but it won't play WMA. Any suggestions? We're using Windows XP with SP2.

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Hi, I have a logik MP3 and it's pretty moody indeed! i've downloaded music on to it and it's showing up in the jukebox. Yet there is no music on it and i cann't hear a thing! it gets pretty hot when connected to a USB port or when it's charging. Also it freezes when it's been turned off! HELP or should I give up on it!

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i have a logik 1 gb mp3 and have about 90 songs on it but the thing is it wont let me put anymore on to reach the full 320 that it should holdit says writing on the screen and says syncronising on my p.c but there not on there.could it be to do with the fact im using windows media player?. can someone please help. from page in London

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I have a Logik HDD33, which i have downloaded around 300 songs onto, which shows on my computer playlist that they have d/loaded and on my memory on player but nowhere can i find any music on my player - can anyone help please as i have an 11 yr old giving me earache!! Or should i just return to shop as useless?????

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hey , does anyone know if you can set a Logik MP3 player to play in album form instead of the tracks playing alphabetically???

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I have followed all the instructions on how to sync music to my MP3, yet when i start to sync, it says 145 items already on device and only puts about 40 songs on. There aren't any files already on the MP3! So i delete all the files (again) and start again. It has done the same thing over and over. What am i doing wrong?

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I have a logik 256mb mp3 player, when I connect it to my PC the only file that shows up in explorer is the voice file, I have placed some music in this file but would be nice to use it properly and actually have music in the music file that shows on the mp3 player (but not in explorer). Anyone else had this problem? lpease help!

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I cant get my computer to recognise my Logik mp3. What do I do! Its on windows 98.

Jordon Mezzone
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I'm also having the same problem totallytilly, i think u just re install it, but i cant find my cd :-(

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give up on logik mp3 players, I have bought one recently and it has never worked!!! I have been on loads of forums and I am giving up.Avoid logik, do your homework spend more and get one that works.!!!
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