Help! Cartridge/Arm troubles...


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I have an old Systemdek 11X which I want to get using again. However, there is hardly any output from it at all. I'm pretty sure that this is down to the cartridge, which is a Nagaoka MP-11.
Does anyone have any other ideas regarding why there is so little sound?
If you would be so kind, I am interested in posible replacements for the MP-11, perhaps at a slightly cheaper cost. I am using a Linn Basik LV X arm.

Thanks! Matt.

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Please give a bit more information regarding whether the table set up ever worked properly and if so was it with the same equipment you are now using with the table. There could be several reasons why the cartridge has low output. It is easier, and better, if you tell me some more about the situation than I just begin to reel off possibilites.

Please give any information you think might help narrow down the solution.


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Are you sure your amp has a phono stage in it? Most modern amps don't. The output from a turntable is always much lower than that of a line level source such as a CD player or tuner. In order to bring it up to a similar lvel (i.e. a little lower than a CD player or tuner) is to have a special gain stage called a phono stage, either built into the amp (all old amps had one of some description) or to have a dedicated separate phono stage.

The easy way to check whether your amp has the phono stage built in is to play a part of a track on your current (phono?) input. Then plug the turntable into the input you usually use for the CD player and play the same part of a track. If you get the same output, you don't have a phono stage in your amp.

There are inexpensive external phono stages available from the likes of NAD (the PP2) and ProJect (the Phono Box).

You have a very nice deck there. If it hasn't been serviced, nor played, in a long time, you may need a new belt, and also check that there is still some oil in the bearing. The MP11's suspension is going to be quite shot due to ageing, but it should still work OK, at least while you're getting going...


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Thanks for the replies!
Frank, my amp has a phono stage; I've been using a pretty poor turntable for a few weeks through it, and that seems to work just fine. Thanks for our advice though, it's always the little things everyone forgets that mess everything up!
The turntable worked, but has been in storage for about 6 years. I was using a different amp. at the time, but seeing as this one works fine with another turntable, so I don't see that as the problem.
As I mentioned, it has been in storage for a long time, so I'm sure it needs a great deal of readjustment. The belt was replaced not long before I stopped using it. I checked the oil, that's all ok.
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