Yamaha Receiver Types?


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Currently have a Yamaha R-700 receiver and have seen quite a few series with either a CR or CA in front of the number. Anyone know the difference between the series: R vs CR vs CA?

Also, was reading a post and it was mentioned about Class A, etc, receivers. Not sure what that means.


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CA is an integrated amplifier

CR i think is a receiver back in the 70s and they either later changed that to R or the CRs were the upper end.

Class A is a high quality yet inefficent way to reproduce an audio signal with low distortion. It wastes a lot of power as well and as I said it is inefficent. An amp that runs 15 watts in Class A will put out around 100 in Class B or AB.

Class B is more efficent but has a lot of crossover distortion, so Class AB was a solution to combine the two for the best of both worlds.

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"CR's" were the first series of Yamaha receivers into the US in the mid 1970's. CR-1020, 1040, then CR-2020, 2040. It was a designation that implied a US/North American market item. As the concept of building more globally became more accepted, Yamaha switched to the R-400, 500, etc. The units were no longer built specifically for the North American market but for numerous markets and the point of sale would determine what had to change from model to model to sell in the respective market. The same designation change happened with the integrated amplifiers with "CA" becoming simply "A". "RV" became an audio/video receiver in the late 1980's.

The above description of Class A operation is basically correct. It does not apply to the Yamaha "Class A" amplifiers as a strict rule. In the late '80's, many of the Japanese audio manufacturers were trying to establish their products as "high end". Class A in a receiver or integrated amplifier became a marketing gimmick. The product did what all Class AB amplifiers do. It would run in Class A for a very few watts and then move into Class AB operation for the higher wattage levels.

Put "Class A operation audio amplifier" into a search engine for more information and a better description of "crossover" or "notch" distortion.


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Interesting! Is it safe to assume that the CR Yamaha receivers are all analog and the R is the digital? The tuning section on my R700 is digital with preset stations and has the usual tape, phono and aux inputs plus recording options. One thing I like is the "Spatial Expander" which, to me, gives a more full sound in the room. I wanted to make sure I understand the difference between CR and R before purchasing one. Will search for more info on the Class A. Thanks!!
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