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are there any good bang for the buck 3 channel
amps out there.

at least 100w a channel 8ohms, preferably 200w.

but i'd like to keep it as least expensive as possable.
but still get good quality.

it would have to have rca conn's, if it has balanced also that is fine.

and preferably adjustable output control.

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Absolutely, there are some very fine three channel amps out there.

Several of the makers of fine audio amplifiers have gone to a modular chassis, so that you can order an amp in a two, three, four, five, six or seven channel configuration. ATI comes to mind here, and Sherbourne, too, as I seem to recall they also have used this modular chassis configuration.

But of the three channel amps readily out there, you should look into Adcom GFA-5503 (at 200 wpc x 3) and B & K (which offers two different three channel amps, the 125.3 and the 200.3). All three of these amps are superb and reasonably priced. I know Kiefs is an authorized dealer for both, as well as ATI, but that is the only authorized dealer I know of that is readily accessible.

I hope this helps.

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hey thanks hawk i will look into those i actually
forgot about the b&k i meant to look into them.

i found another that seems pretty interesting the
rotel rmb-1066 where it can be bridged into 3
channel 150 a channel or 6 or 5. could be pretty
handy for the future.
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