Vintage Marantz integrated amp - can it be used today ?


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I have re-found my old Marantz 1122DC which used to brilliantly drive a stereo system as well as various electronic musical instruments and anything else I could throw at it in its day. Would muchly appreciate any advice as to how and whether it can be integrated with 5:1 subwoofer systems, computers as well as newer (and older) peripherals without blowing anything up - (eg -what would I use the 2 phono outputs for ?. It still tests and powers up beautifully - I would love to use it again and save it from ebay heaven !

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You would use the two phono "inputs" for listening to a turntable; that is really the only purpose to which a phono input can be used.

Whether the rest of the amplifier can be used as a small part of a 5.1 system is a more debatable question. If the integrated amp has pre amp outputs and main amp inputs that can be separated by removing a jumper, the Marantz could be used as a main amplifier for two channels of a 5.1 system with the same provisions. The connections and operation of a system configured with additional outboard amplifiers isn't always the easiest to achieve in the "remote controlled" world of home theater. If you want to try the amplifier with a 5.1 system, simply replace the connection from any two channels of outputs from your HT receiver and make the connection to the main amp inputs on the Marantz. The pre amp functions of the Marantz will no longer be operable in this format. The Marantz has a mono function which doesn't effectively switch the power amplifier into bridged operation so its use as a subwoofer amplifier is limited. I don't remember the wattage of the Marantz but would guess it is substantially lower than the wattage output of most present day HT receivers. That may prove to be more of a problem than making the connections.


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Alternatively, you connect the front left and right preouts from the surround amp into any input on the Marantz (say aux). Then set the Marantz's volume to a loud amount (say 12 o'clock on the dial). Then setup the surround amp so the levels between all the speakers are correctly balanced.

The system is now setup. In future every time you play surround sound (e.g. DVD), you switch the Marantz to the aux input, turn the volume up to that preset value (such as 12 o'clock) and use the surround amp as the master volume and control. The only thing to be careful of is not to switch the Marantz to another input without turning it down first...


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Many thanks Frank for your help and apologies for delay replying - successfully managed to break my arm yesterday. Tennis is a dangerous sport !!!

I will try your suggestions in a day or 2 when I am a little less traumatised.

The 1122DC is 62W per channel at 8amps (77 at 4)- would this be too little most HT receivers. Sounds a little like I will be upgrading - will repost soon.

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Thanks also Jan !

The 1122DC does have pre amp outputs and main amp inputs that can be separated by removing a jumper. So I will obviously be experimenting to find the best solutions - if any.

I am a musician and this amp has a lot of connectivety so I would like to try to integrate and mix mic. and other digital sources - via computer. Any suggestions for an alternative amp that could cover all these bases ?

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I have an old Marantz 1030 amp. I got it out of an old Dive Club back room, broken in 1987. I had it fixed and it still works today, minus the on/off switch. I have to plug it in to get power. I find it has brilliant sound. Is it still classed as a good amp? Is it worth anything and how old is it?
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