HK AVR525 or HK AVR8000?


Looking at getting a new receiver. I like HK with little experience of other brands. Which is better the HK AVR525 with 7 channels and less power or HK AVR8000 with only 5 channels but more power (and seems more features)? I think the AVR8000 would be better if I expanded my system later on. Any advice?


The 8000 has THX ultra which was HK's last certified THX receiver before they pulled out of the THX program.

I have the 525 (which I love) but that 8000 looks beautiful. FYI, there is a review of it here on ecoustics:

Good luck, feel free to mail me with any questions about the 525.


Phil Krewer

If you're set on HK and you really want the AVR-8000 just make sure that you get a warranty. There are several known issues with the "older HKs", like the 8000, 520, 320, and others. Such as frequent power cutouts, the 7th channel not functioning in Logic 7. There are several threads on this issue in

That being said you can get the AVR-8000 pretty cheapy these days and if you like them I would go for it. Just make sure you will have a warranty.

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