Onkyo SR 600 connections with TV


I have not had a new receiver in ages and my ignorance showed when trying to connect my new SR 600. My question is this:
Does a receiver like this automatically route the input device to the TV screen? or, do I have to manually select the proper input device ( video 1, 2, 3 or colorstream component input )on my TV in order for anything to show onscreen.
The way I have it connected now, If I want to play a DVD, I press the DVD button on the receiver and then I have to change the TV to component video input. I pretty much have to go through this with every video input. ( DVD, VCR and Cable Box)
Thank you

The receiver does not control your TV. If you are using more than the S-Video cable than you must change your TV to the correct input separately from the receiver. Some people setup macros on their remotes to switch the TV automatically when they select an input source on the receiver.
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