Questions about matrix 6.1 vs. discrete 6.1


i have a yamaha htr-5550, i know that it only has five amps for 5.1 surround sound. With matrix 6.1 it creates a virtual 6th speaker. Is there any way to create a discrete 6.1 system using the htr-5550. Maybe if you cross the signals to the rear channels and bring them both into a center rear speaker? want to know if it's possible.

If you have an old unused 5.1 receiver lying around, you can get at least a good approximation to a _matrix_ 6.1 system by hooking pre-outs for the left and right side surrounds to the receiver's L/R inputs and running the side surrounds from the receiver's front outputs, and the back surround from the receiver's center output. Or so I understand.

Greg Lee
Sorry, I should have said "an old unused surround receiver".
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