XBOX Dolby Digital problems - incompatibility issue?


Scott Wong
I recently purchased a Mission FS2AV 5.1 speaker system and a Yamaha RXV730 receiver. I hooked my XBOX up to the receiver using a Monster Optical cable. Here's the problem: I went to the XBOX's audio settings and enabled 'Dolby Surround', 'Dolby Digital', and 'DTS'. The 5.1 worked fine with a DVD movie, but as soon as I popped in any games (Ghost Recon, NHL 2K3, Mechassault), all I heard were bleeps and bloops moving from speaker to speaker. I went back to the XBOX settings and turned off 'Dolby Digital' and games worked fine, but no 5.1! I did a bit of research on the web and someone had suggested Monster cables were the culprit, but I got the same problem when I hooked up Microsoft's Hi-Def AV Pack. At this point, I can only asume it is either my XBOX or my receiver. Anybody have any thoughts or similar experiences?

Thanks to anyone who gave my question a thought, but I figured out what's wrong. Looks like the XBOX was defective. It figures I would only discover this AFTER the warranty expired. SUCKS!
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