Need some receiver/speaker help, please.


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Have an (ancient) Onkyo component set (~8yrs old)...has two channels for two sets of speakers (A&B). A's are floor and B's are center.

Sometimes, one side or both sets (R and/or L) don't come on. They sometimes cut out while I'm listening. If I turn the speakers on and off (by hitting Speaker A or B buttons) they will come on after a couple of times.

In any case, I'm trying to isolate the problem...any ideas? I'm thinking about re-wiring the speakers first with new wire. Any chance that's a waste of time/$?

Any other ideas?

Of course I want to buy a new system, but due diligence is probably smarter...thanks in advance.

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There could be several problems but the most likely is either a dirty or defective speaker selector switch.

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that's what it sounds like from your description. if the switch is causing the problems which is very likely, then rewiring the speakers would be a total waste of time. i've never even heard of a speaker's wiring shorting out. well actually my subwoofer did, but that was because it was still outside of the cabinet and was only hooked up "wire through the hole" temporary style. amps can make very bright flashes of light and smell bad when they blow up. LOL

switches are mechanical devices. eventually dust gets in them and gives you intermittent connections. practically every switch and volume and tone control on my old realistic amp is bad.


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I actually have a bad volume control on my ancient Philips that will do that. If I tap it and move it around it works. My father had an old Yamaha CA-1010 that had a similiar problem with the stereo/mono/stereo rev selector switch.
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