Thorens 160 - Funny sound on starting


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Hi everyone -

As a first foray into vinyl, I bought a second hand Thorens TD 160 from someone on Ebay. Basically it works fine, but a couple of months after I got it, it has started making this weird noise when turned on - ie. when the motor is actually activated, it "squeaks" a bit, sounds as if the motor is straining to get going.

Once it's got going, everything's fine again, but this noise makes me wince every time! If I sort of give it a nudge when I turn the motor on, it gets going and the squealing isn't made - it's just when it's starting up.

Is this something I should be worried about? Can anyone tell me if it's something easy to fix?

Seeing as this is the first turntable I've owned, I'm a bit clueless!

Thanks a lot.

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There could be several things causing the noise; but almost all of them will probably be cured by a thorough cleaning and possibly a new belt. Code=T1

Clean the sub platter edge where the belt makes contact with some alcohol and get the new belt. Pay attention to how the belt comes off the sub platter because it goes back on it the opposite manner.

On any turntable with a few years life behind it, the lubricant on the main motor shaft may get thick and cause the noise you describe. This is a repair best done by a technician. The lubricant in the main bearing shaft of the platter might also need replacing. This is more easily accomplished than changing the motor's lubricant, but most often should be done by a technician who has access to the proper lubricant. If you know how to pull the sub platter out of the main bearing, you can check to make certain there is still lubricant in the bearing shaft. Beyond that, unless you feel comfortable taking the table apart, I'd find a tecnician to do the work.


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Just a quick note to say Thanks Jan! I picked up a replacement belt on eBay and that has done the job. Noise gone!


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sometimes happens with the little clutch also.
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