What does "stereo wattage per channel" mean and tips on mini stereo?


If anyone knows what "stereo wattage per channel" means, I'd really appreciate it, as well as what a good answer would be. I found something that says 50, so is that considered good? I'm trying to get an idea of what's good for a gift I wanted to purchase.

Or if anyone has any tips on a good mini stereo system under $200, I'd really appreciate that also!! I'm trying to look online and find tips and reviews and stuff, but it's difficult!

Anything would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!!

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Whether 50 watts per channel is good or not really depends on your (or the gift reciever's) needs. If you want a really loud minisystem, 50 watts isn't that great. But for the average music listener, that would be fine. What model are you looking at?

Thanks for the info HeelyJoe. Right now, I am looking at the Panasonic SCPM 28. I don't think my gift's receiver will be too picky or anything, I just wanted something that would sound good, but within my budget. Thanks again.

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That looks fine, but I don't have a panasonic to compare with... That's probably a good choice.

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it really depends... 50 watts can be loud as hell if its a rms rating... if its a peak rating the rms would be about half that... always look for the rms, its the average wattage instead of the peak. I have a 75 watt rms logitec stereo on my computer and its very loud, but also has an 8 inch sub that shakes my room.

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buy a cheep reciver and a couple of nice bookshelf speakers, that way you can expand if you want to.


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I should warn you, as a previous owner of a Panasonic, the MP3 Playback doesn't always work. It will sometimes read the disc wrong, and cut off a few songs. It will also sometimes misread the filename, or ID3 information.

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im looking for a LOUD Clear mini that i can play my drums to any sudgestions anyone?

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I'm confused about speaker wires... just simple speaker wires... (I know, should be easy). If they read "rated for systems of 80 Watt RMS maximum" what does that mean?

Is that the same as total maximum wattage output... my system says 200 watts at max. output... is that the same as RMS? If I go over the recommended max, what are the real possible ramifications?

Any help is appreciated...

you didn't answer anon's Q. What does wattage per channel mean? If you don't know, then just say so. Don't answer a question with jargon just to show how cool you are.

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Wattage per channel is just what it sounds like. In stereo, there are two channels: left and right. Each one of these carries a signal. The signal consists of voltages going down the wires.

A volt is an amount of charge. An ampere is how fast those charges flow.

One watt is equal to one volt * ampere. That means that if the signal is a 4V signal,and the output RMS is 40W, that it can reproduce that signal on average with a rate of 10 Amps.

In more practical terms, it's usually used to measure how loud a speaker can go, but the ratings aren't always accurate at measuring that.

It's also used to measure the output levels of an amplifier or any other signal (re)producing device. So of course, you want your speakers and signal to match up closely. But if they don't make sure your speakers are rated higher than the signal. Otherwise they might blow out.

They use wattage per channel because it's more important than total. If you have 40 speakers at 10 watts, they are going to be way quiet-er than 10 speakers at 40 watts (all playing simultaneously)

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what is the maximum wattage of speaker can i use in a pc?what could i do to be able to use high wattage speakers on my pc..about..thousand watts?

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Ok heres the Deal I have the Panasonic Nitrix 360 watt output system in my bedroom, I'm 15 and listen to rap/bass so I need something that is show stopping but something that is under 300$
My subs already rattle the windows some but I want some that are louder :D thanks

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Have been looking at Mini Home Stereos. I am looking at one that states it is 140watts. Not sure about wattage or that rms thingie.Would just like a small system with some kick.Ya know crank it up some when listening to say...Robin Trower. Also any advice on what to look for or brand would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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is Creative Inspire DIgital 5700 Speaker System is powerful enough to make my mom crazy??? no,Seriously,i am a bulgarian and my english is very bad but i wanna buy a powerful system for my PC,and i thought that 400$ for that system means that it is powerful but when i looked at the specifications i thought that maybe it isn`t as powerful az i thought. and what means speakers rated power??? can somebody help me?

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Cheap mini and portables and computer speakers are often grossly overated in their power specs.
I have seen under $100 systems rated at 500w PMP that would be flat out giving 5w rms per chan !
A reputable brand, rated in rms power, is the way to go.30w or above rms should sound reasonable with efficient speakers...Hearimg is believing !!
Also check the weight of the system....Something that is reasonably powerfull will be reasonably heavy due to good quantities of iron in it's power transformer.....An exeption might be if it uses switch mode power supplies, but these would normally be on more expensive gear anyhow.

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Dr. Adam Schirmacher - aka Decker:
i wanted to thank you for your laymen explaination of stereo wattage and your example. i've been searching all over the web for an understanding of what the wattage was about and didn't understand. your explaination was a GREAT help. i wanted to take the time to thank you for taking the time to help and explain so others like myself can understand. so, thank you. hope you have a great day. =)


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I am looking at the JVC FS-Y1 DVD Compact Component System. It has 36 watts total system power (18 watts x 2). I live in a 1670 sq ft townhouse and need a small system. Is this acceptable wattage? I'm not throwing parties, but I do want a rich, full sound at reasonable levels.

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JVC's audio is mainly garbage.

This Phillips microsystem with a class-D amp is not too bad: =

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JVC's are only good for partys
there desent loud adn distortion isnt bad the bass is some what clean use's bi-amp not bad liek what ed said there most garbage
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