ASW 675 vsJBL Northridge E250P


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Would appreciate if you guys can help me to choose between the above mentioned subwoofer.
Facts on ASW675:
- 10" with 500watts
Facts on JBL Northridge E250P
- 12" with 250watts
Both are solidly built.
My home system
AV - RXV2400
Front - B&W 603 S3
Centre - B&W LCR60
Rear - Quad 11L

I would like to use them for music and movies. My hall is about 350sq ft. Appreciate your comments. Further to that the shop also recommended me REL and Klipsch. Not

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Eventough I have never heard the JBL Northridge E250P or the BW AWS675, I would go with the BW ASW 675, just because they are made in England and because they will not blow up on you, like the JBL would.
I am sorry to say but I would never buy JBL of any kind. My setup consists of Definitive Technology and BW speakers, and I could not be happier. So trust me forget the JBL

Take Care

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Thanks bro. I thought JBL is pretty big in Home Cinema especially in US.

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How is your Def Tech sub?

My setup consists of B&W 604 series fronts. I am debating if I should keep my Def Tech Supercube 1 or look for other brands.

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"I am sorry to say but I would never buy JBL of any kind."

Your choice of speakers is commendable, however yours is a fairly naieve opinion usually held by someone who hasn't tried them all!

Ours would surprise the heck out of you as they have done to others with the same misconceptions. Happiness is relative, my friend.


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Out of respect MyRantz, I think Levi was right. I have tried and tested many JBL speakers & SubWoofers and they are becoming from good to bad over the years. Nowadays their products are made in Mexico or some poor Asian countries with poor quality control. They are "has been" of the home theater.

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I respect your opinion as I do others, however, although you may be correct on outsourcing and associated problems, which applies to many audio components these days, you do not have all the information. JBL is now owned by Harmon International whose head office is in France. They also own a manufacturing plant in Denmark.

Our JBL XTi60's are Danish made with French made drivers. As Greg Borrowman from Australian HI FI magazine states, The XTi60's are extrememly well built and sound wonderful - and they do.

My audiophile brother had the same views as you and Levi and when he saw that we had purchased these XTI's, he as astonished by what he thought was a poor decision. Five minutes of listening changed his mind and he fell in love with these speakers. Now he's not so anti JBL.

These speakers are the mains in our HT system driven by a Marantz SR-7300 and are driven hard at times especially when listening to music. They sound wonderful at both high and low volumes with strong bass, warm, open mids and very clear accurate highs.

When auditioning, I blind tested with Mission, Energy, Boston Accoustics, and Mirage. My preference was B&W but similar specs put them at twice the price and now I think that sort of money would not be relative to any sonic gain.

So, I cannot agree to your comments, even though you may be correct concerning some models, but broad criticisms do not apply.

BTW, I do not think the XTi range is available in the US, they are not listed on the US website, only on the international site.
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