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I'm just wondering what separates out there that are close to the Outlaw 950/7100 @ $1600 in quality, features. Can't go higher than $1700. I have 5.1 DefTechs all around. (2004 towers in front) Yes, I know they get no respect on this board, but they're 10 times better than my old stuff, I got'em and that's that. 85/15 HT/music.

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No need to apologize for your DefTechs, which are fine speakers. I would observe, however, that they are somewhat forward sounding and just a bit bright. Hence, while I like Outlaw equipment, I don't think the 7100 amp is a good choice for your speakers. The 7100 amp has a cold, almost clinical sound that I am not fond of and would make for a poor combination with your DefTechs.

A far better choice for your Def Techs is Adcom, which makes some wonderful amps, and they have a much smoother and warmer sound than the Outlaw 7100. Now, the Adcom pre-pro is pretty expensive (their least expensive will run about $1K), and would not fit your budget. If I were you, I would get the Outlaw 950 pre-pro (none better for the money) and then buy an Adcom GFA-7605 power amp. The 7605 is a five channel amp amp with a real 125 wpc, so it has more power than the Outlaw besides sounding better. I priced one from Kiefs (www.kiefs.com) at $795 (talk to Ed at x109). That makes it the same price as the Outlaw 7100, so it will stay within your budget and you will have a good amp that will work very well with your DefTechs.

Good luck!

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Thanks Hawk!
You know, the extra two channels on the 7100 bothered me a little, as I just can't see myself going 6/7.1 anytime soon....an intallation nightmare.
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