Onkyo HT-R500 VHS Hook-up


I have tried connecting 2 different VHS players (Magnovox, Sony) to my HT-R500 Onkyo receiver. I get sound from the connection but no video. Just to cover basis, I have the connections as out from VHS (Audio: red, white and Video: yellow) to Video 1 input accordingly. Likewise, I have out from the receiver to the VHS. All cables work as they were tested directly to the TV. I tried the connection to the Video 2 and Video 3 inputs to no avail. Any idea what may cause this issue?

what output are you using on your reciever ? s-video or rca. The onkyo doesnt sound like it can switch the signal like that. If you use rca you have to use it thru the complete system, same as s-video.

where is the signal for the tv coming from? hook the monitor out to the input on your tv.

Dan Cole
I lost my HT-R500 user guide (manual). Anyone knows where I can download a copy?


Phil Krewer

You should be able to go the the Onkyo web site and download it from their support area.


Dan Cole
Onkyo don't have this HT-R500 model for free to download. It costs $10 to buy a new one. I think it is rediculous that they charge their customer $10 to replace the manual. they should have free electronic version for free download. Anyone knows anywhere that I can get a free copy?


I have the EXACT same problem with my RCA reciever! any more ideas? I use s-video from my cable box and then to my TV , but all other componets use red/white/yellow jacks. We have tried unplugging the s video and trying it, but It doesn't work. IS there a setting on the reciver we have to change it to the other kind of video?
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