Buying new reciever: HK AVR520 vs. HK AVR325, or other? Help


I have been trying to purchase a new receiver, but am having trouble extracting any useful information from the sales people at CC. What is the difference between these two systems(520 vs. 325) besides that one is old and one is new? Is HK the way to go or can you get something Marantz or other with similar amount of f eatures for under $600? Any advice? Thanks for your help.

2 words for ya.. Kenwood VR-6070.

Check out this thread
and tell me if 400 bucks sounds good for what ya get?

Anybody have comments on the listed recievers. I also looked at those...

I have the AVR525 and am very pleased. I had my pick of $1000-$1500 recievers and tried and researched everything...for my ears and for my space (both are critical to *your* decision), I liked the 525 for its musicality and clean signal, especially on music.

A few answers for you:
1. The 520 is older (by one model year) and more powerful but ONLY has 5 speaker outs as oppossed to 7 on the 325.
2. The 325 has mp3 decoding as well as DTS-ES, and DD-EX, whereas the 520 does not have one or the other of the 6.1 formats.
3. I have read some folks having repair issues with the 520.

I was sold on the 325 until I saw that the 525 had digital bass management for the 7.1 inputs which I use permanently with my DVD-A connected. If not for this feature I would of had to buy an Outlaw ICBM for bass management...for $250.

By paying the $200 diff between the 325 and 525, I saved $50 (not buying the ICBM) and also got 2o more watts/ch, a lighted remote, and the bass management I mentioned earlier.

Eclypse does make a good point about checking out the Kenwood 6070, but I found the most musical of all recievers I looked at to be the HK's at just about any price.

Good luck and feel free to ask any questions about the HK.


Oh, and Eclypse,

That's like 5 words man...



Thank you h1pst3r. That is exactly the type of advice I was looking for. I think given what you said, that the 325 is a better value inthe long term as it will have more options for compatability going forward.

Thanks again
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