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Hi all. I was going to buy a new subwoofer for my system. I currently have a Sony Active Super Woofer sn. 8357403. I have it hooked up through the speaker wire because i have an older reciever, it doesn't have the subwoofer hook ups. I was looking around, and i have found many types of subs, but didn't know what the differance between them was. If someone could tell me the differance between active, powered and passive that would be great, or direct me to a site describing the differance. Sorry if this has been answered several times, i did a search, but couldn't find what i was looking for.

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Hi there, the main difference between the both is: Active means it has its own amp and Passive means it requires and external amp to drive the speaker, just like your stereo speakers which are connected to a power amp or intergrated amp.
i found it a lot easier to buy an active sub as passive subs can require quite powerful amps and cross overs which can become quite expensive and (with the sub i bought), being Active, i dont have to spend time (and $$$) costing up a power amp, cross over etc, plus all the hard work is done for you. I have just checked the net, try this
Its a basic explanation, its probably a good idea to contact the manufacturer of the particular brand you are interested in and ask them what they think,like what do you need if you go passive and so on.
I hope this gives you some idea.

PS. Have a look at

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Thanks so much, i almost bought a powered subwoofer, im glad i didn't.
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