Harman kardon AVR225 vs Yamaha HTR5560


I'm about to buy my first receiver and I want to make sure that I'm getting the best receiver possible for a good price.After a bit of research I came up with the HK AVR225 and Yamaha HTR5560.Wich one would be better for me ? I enjoy listening to really lound music.

Without a doubt the Harman Kardon would be the better choice.

I just bought hk avr225 after a lot of auditioning of competing products. For sound quality, its the best. Others may have some more desirable/needed features, but for pure sound - its hk for sure.

Using it with NHT speakers and subwoofer.

Trust me Yamaha or Marantz is the better choice than H/K!

Quit sayin Yamaha is so great man!They arent bad but if he likes really loud music then go Harman Kardon not Yamaha.Harman has the "high current" which really gives you that extra thump at high volumes and at low volumes keeps the amp very stable. Although high current amps run hotter than average.If you mostly listen to music dont get Yamaha get the HK or Marantz or even better try to find a NAD in your price range. They are more like quality seperates than receivers or atleast sound like it.They have high current amps and are considered by most audiophiles very musical.

The question I have for the person who wrote the original post is what speakers do you have? The two identified receivers, the H/K 225 and the Yamaha 5560 couldn't be more different in terms of sonic charecter. If the spekaers are laid back and reserved, go with the Yamaha. If they are very forward sounding, go with the H/K. This is so that the sound can be vbalanced and no charecteristic of any of the units is exaggerated.

BTW, without knowing the speakers, I vote with G.DawG here. That Yamaha has a lousy power supply that taps out at about 35 wpc no matter what its manufacturer says (according to Sound & vision magazine who tested the same amp section in the Yamaha 730). The H/K has invested in better quality where it counts, not in the 35 different listnening venues ("Concert Hall," "Jazz Club" and "Cathedral") that no one ever uses.

Good luck.
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