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Just got a sony da1es and am trying to get it straight. I am puzzled by the section of the manual entitled " Switching the audio input mode for digital components". I don't know what this means. In addition, I must have inadvertently pressed the input mode button. Now it is on, and I can't seem to switch it off. This is on page 37 of the manual if you happen to have one. Any help would be appreciated.

I'm guessing here as I don't know that component at all but the "audio input mode" for digital components, to me, would be asking you to associate the actual input-type you are using to connect a piece of digital gear (like a DVD player) to the many digital input options that theater receivers offer. Those would be:

1. Analog (the RCA stereo pair) on thew back of your DVD player.
this may be associated with "DVD" on your input selector (probably not this one)
2. Digital optical (the DVD player is connected via an optical cable
3. digital coaxial (the DVD player is connected via a digital coaxial cable.
5. If the receiver has pre-inputs, that could also be an option.

It's probably option 2 or 3. If you "turned it on" it may be waiting for you to make a selection.

Good luck,


What are your thoughts on the unit so far? I'm trying to decide between the Onkyo TX-SR600 and the Sony, but I haven't been able to find any reviews for the Sony. Thanks.

Goodness gracious...get the Onkyo.

I will never buy another piece of Sony-hype-junk again, ES or otherwise.

How about 3 WEGA's before component input worked. Then the S-vid input went black and white, and now, two years later, the Component-in is busted again. Nice look, great marketing, the Bose of consumer electronics

And this is on a analog CRT technology that was perfected 20 years ago!

Thanks h1pst3r,

That is what I thought it meant, and now that you have confirmed my suspections that is most likely it. I have assigned my DVD to the optical input ( as that is how it is connected to the receiver).

As to the discussion about whether this receiver is better that an Onkyo, I have my opinion. I bought this to replace my burnt out onkyo 676 (I think). After about 2-3 years of owning the Onkyo the processor malfunctioned. I think it overheated. The onkyo ran pretty hot and I had it in a audio cabinet that was probably to "tight" for it. The Onkyos are very large and need alot of "breathing space" The sony es is not as large, and it doesn't seem to run as hot. So far I like the sony da1es alot and had less trouble figuring out the best way to connect it. The manual is only average at explaining in detail how to utilize all the options. So far I am very happy with the receiver but this is only after 2 weeks of ownershop. The one thing I miss is the 5 channel stereo that the onkyo had. The DPL II doesn't seem to be an adequate substitute for it, as I was lead to believe by several expert reviewer. I think that the cast aluminum heat sinks in this receiver are better than the onkyo. My final choice came down to this receiver and the Denon 1603. I bought the Sony over the internet for $360. I liked that low price alot.

Overall I liked the onkyo (676) but was dissappointed that a receiver that cost this much only lasted for this short a time. I couldn't find an Onkyo 600 or 700 for a price I was willing to pay, and I probably wasn't going to need/use the 6.1 capability, so why pay for it.
Bottom line get what you want but do quite a bit of "research" before you buy, so that you get just what you need. Any of these receivers would be very good I'm sure.

Hey Mike,

All really good points: buy what you want/need/use and pay the right amount of money for it. A steal you got if for $360 it gives you everything you need.

Please don't take my anger over a poorly executed WEGA tv set as my feeling about Sony across the board. I work in broadcast and we rely on Sony pro-line stuff all the time: the D5 HD recorder deck is particularly unreal!

I think as a consumer, the closest you can get to the Sony few consumers know (behind the scenes in everything broadcast) is the ES line.

I also agree with you about the Onkyos. I had one and returned it. It just sounded a little muted for for me and the fact is their wattage ratings are with one channel driven. There's a very interesting quote from a Onkyo Cheif Engineer that someone posted over on the Kenwood 6070's good reading about how they rate their amps.

Though, after 5 years of Denon ownership, I must confess I was always non-plussed with the sound. It is only now with the new addition of my HK AVR525 (and Yamaha DVD-A/V player) that my ears are finally being treated to some very nice sound indeed.

But, alas I must reiterate your points about needs/wants/price and how the gear sounds in your house and into your ears.


Any thoughts on my upcoming purchase. I was all set to buy the str-da1es because of value and the fact it was the only home theater reciever in that price range that had the phono inputs I needed. Now I'm told that there is no "b" speaker switch or output for such. I'm back to square one and getting very frustrated trying to find a quality mid-priced 5.1 surround reciever with phono inputs and a/b speaker switches. Help!

Frank Lee
Wanted to chime in re:sony da1es - purchased about a month ago. compared onkyo, marantz, yamaha and denon and I am sure any of these would have sufficed for my listening needs (marantz was spendy)but the sony offered a phono input unlike the others in a similar price range. I have always been suspicious of sony consumer products until I purchased their wega hdtv ready monitor (1 1/2 years now) - really like that. While I wanted an a/v receiver I was also looking into a dvd player - sony dns755 won the contest. Matched the sony components when I bought the da1es - dvd and monitor were great, receiver was good but no 5 channel stereo, DPLlII was missing something. Kept reading the user manual (not real user friendly for a novice like myself)and discovered that customizing the sound fields could help but I needed the right speakers to really take advantage of the capacity. This is for you h1pst3r,(I understand you're not a bose fan either) traded my bose 601s (front speakers) for bose 701s - big difference. This is not a personal shot at you h1pst3r, you obviously know a lot more about this stuff than I. I recognized the need for a powered tower speaker and maybe it's not the best but it made a world of difference. Use the component connections and the digital optical. DA1ES provides for a lot of options. As for Mushman - the da1es doesn't have a and b speaker options but with the A1II control system, connecting and controlling amplifier for the second speaker option is simple. That could defeat the economics of it all so I guess you'll have to keep looking or wait for next years models. Yeah, bose and sony aren't what they want you to think they are but they are darn competitive in the mid price market. Got any pricing ideas on powered tower speakers for less than $800.00??

Hi Frank,

Good points, and certainly no worries abut a "shot" at me. You need thick skin to post online. Anyway, while not a huge fan of Bose, I do recognize that they make the right sound for many people's spaces and that's more or less what this "home" theater thing is all do systems sound in *our* homes.

If you are still considering a powered tower speaker, I just came across an INSANE deal at They have the Boston Acoustics VR965 tower which was normally $1000 (still is at tweeter as of yesterday) for $199...WHAT?

These speakers come with a POWERED 8" SUB in the base of each tower, plus a VR-series mid and tweeter up top. The folks that have them LOVE them (on audioreview) and most of them paid full-price. If I hadn't just bought some M&K K-7s from my front soundstage I would have bought these towers in exactly one second...$200 is a freakin' steal for a very quality speaker. Still might justify the purchase for second media room (ya, watch me try and sell this to my wife...riiight...)

Frank, if you have a chance, give the VR965's a listen. Let us know how you make out!

All the best,


Frank Lee
Thanks for the tip h1pst3r - for $200 I'm in. I couldn't afford the Klipsh that I really wanted but this is to good to pass up! I didn't know about the website either, - I had never heard of them so thanks for 2 great tips.
I'll let you know how things work out- I have until march to return the 701s.

Thanks again. Frank Lee

Mushman, you should be able to find one of those 3ES demo units. I think they have B speakers but not 100% sure. Being a demo and a discontinued model, they probably would go for only a few dollars more than the 1ES.
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