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I am hooking up a toshiba dvd player for my parents. They have an older zenith 32 inch that has two inputs as follows. 1 rf, 1 composite input. They currently have a weird cable box configuration that runs their vcr through their cable box, and then into the rf input on tv. I say weird because it's got some kind of metal attachement screwed onto the back that looks like a bypass but doesn't work as a bypass. If they put a tape in the vcr, it comes up on the tv without them having to do a thing. They use a motorola medicacom box. That said, I tried to hook up a dvd player for them this past weekend. I hooked it up through composite input directly to that input on the television set and the audio was horrible. I tested the audio on the input by running the cable box audio through to make sure that it isn't the input and it isn't. Is encryption kicking in on the audio because of the way the vcr is hooked up to the motorola box? They live in a tiny town where the video store can not afford to purchase vhs tapes anymore and is only stocking dvd's.

Thanks for any help

This post is a little confusing. I will try to define some of the terms mentioned to ensure you/I understand what you are saying:

DVD Audio - This forum is about DVD-Audio, a high resolution audio format that is found on some DVD software. It appears that you are simply referring to the audio from a DVD player.

Composite Input - Typically the name given to the RCA video (yellow connector) and transmits video. RCA connectors for stereo audio are usually red + white color coded and are simply called stereo connectors.

To your connection problem:
You indicated that the TV has RF and 1 composite input, does this mean there is no audio input aside from the RF or are you calling the stereo audio composite?

Typically RF transmits audio (mono in some cases)and video and a VCR is usually connected between a cable box and a TV so that programs can be recorded. However, if you wish to connect a DVD player, you must connect a separate audio and video cable to the TV.

Most modern DVD players will transmit both analog (red+white stereo connectors) and digital audio (optical or coax). In some cases you have to specify in the DVD setup menu what type of audio output is desired. It sounds like the way you are connecting the DVD player you will not be using surround (digital) audio so you could disable that in the DVD setup.

For analog audio, if you get the option, you should indicate in the DVD setup that it is stereo (not multi-channel or simulated surround). You should also note that the DVD player must be capable of decoding the audio program (Dolby Digital or DTS) that is on the DVD you are playing, since you are not connecting it to a A/V receiver.


I need advice a.s.a.p: I just bought Klipsch Synergy F2 speakers, as well as a C1 center speaker. However, the reviews for the receiver I intend to get, the Sony STR-DE698 are not good, so I need advice soon, since I'm going to return that Sony unopened. The DVD player I got(but I'll return that too, if need be) is the Sony DVP NC80 V.
I like the SA CD function, since I'd like to get the best sound from my music, if possible. Movie soundtracks are also important, but I can't afford the very good, but pricey HK AVR 635. Any suggestions???? It seems from these postings that a Yamaha receiver paired with Klipsch speakers is a sonic disaster, since they're both too bright. True?
Thank you very much.

It used to be the case that Yamaha AVRs were on the forward side of neutral but no longer so. I think any of the units that has YPAO should be fine paired with Klipsh.

Regarding a new receiver, depending on your budget, you could consider:
Pioneer 1015TX
Denon AVR 2085
Yamaha HTR-5890/RXV-1500
Marantz SR-5500 or
HK AVR 485/DPR1005

All the above are similar in class and/or features.

If you haven't already done so, you should probably post in the Receiver forun if you want more feedback.

Good Luck...
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