How low do I need to go?


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I'm eagerly awaiting a set of Dali speakers, which will include a Dali Suite S 1.2 sealed sub. It has a 12 inch woofer, and the specs say it goes down to 29Hz. See for the details.)

My question is, do I want to be able to go lower than that? I can get Hsu research subs that go to 20Hz. Never having had a sub before I don't really know what I'll be missing with that extra 9Hz.

So, can people tell me what I will or won't hear between 20Hz and 29Hz? And will the difference make switching worthwhile?

I'll be listening to a wide variety of music (classical to Pearl Jam, folk to Nine Inch Nails) and a variety of movies using the system.

And I need to decide if I'm switching subs before my time runs out for a "cash back" return!

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29hz is better than many subs. I doubt you'd really miss the 9hz especially for the music you like. I mean 20hz - that's real low and on the threshold of what good ears can hear. Having said that, from posts in this forum, the HSU's have a terrific reputation.

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The difference will mostly be in the specifications that aren't normally listed. For instance, what is the distortion of the Dali subwoofer at 29 Hz at various SPL's? It might well hit 29 Hz at 5-10% distortion at 80 SPL's and that would be poor performance. You really want a subwoofer that plays as loud as your speakers with low distortion when you play them.

I can't discern from the Dali site the distortion level of the subwoofer at 111 SPL's, nor its ability to track the SPL's smoothly with the other speakers. I have also never heard them or seen a review of the subwoofer.

I know from personal experience that the HSU VTF-2 and VTF-3 are excellent on all levels, plus the many reviews of them by reputable magazines also confirm that.

Then again, I don't know the price of the Dali system or the price of the subwoofer, so it is even more difficult to assess a comparison.

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The Dali Suite S 1.2 sub is about $750, so it pretty much matches the VTF-3 Mark II for price.

I'm leaning toward getting the VTF-3 Mark II, just due to having actual reviews of it around. It is downward firing with rear ports, right? I just worry about positioning it. It will have to have those rear ports within about 1 foot (maybe 1.5 feet) of the wall, which may not work too well.

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Even if an active sub does not go right down to the threshold of infrasound (about 20 Hz), it still takes a difficult task off the main speakers and the power amp driving them, and that can be its real benefit. A sub can be near a wall. Corner placement greatly amplifies its effect. You can always turn its gain down.
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