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Hi all. I live in a smallish NYC apartment. I've spent maybe 12 hours researching online, amazon, cnet etc. I can't find exactly what I want! Nearing my wits' end! So I'm hoping one of you guys can suggest something. I want a compact, stylish minisystem for my living room - no cassette, don't mind if it only holds one CD, would like the DVD option. Needs to have a decent radio. I was leaning towards the Bose Wave, but can't bring myself to pay $500 for what basically looks like a fancy clock radio. Then I was leaning towards the JVC EXD1 but it's a bit long in terms of fitting on my bookshelf (it'll stick out, but I like those cherry wood speakers). I'd love to be able to plug in my iPod, and the JVC seems only PC compatible. This sounds picky but I'd prefer black as the colors in my living room are dark and I want the unit to sit discreetly on my bookshelf - don't want a shiny silver one. I'd pay up to around $400. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be most grateful. Thanks all!

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This one is the best sounding one but not entirely black - however, sufficiently dark, so will fit in ok, probably.

Buy it here for even less : %26%26

If you decide to get the aiwa on top, you might want to upgrade the speakers - there are many black speakers you can upgrade to - like missions for example. %26%26

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Another option is this very good sounding one for a little more - it's a full size one though, and I am not sure if it will fit in your bookshelf - make sure before buying.

The sound is better than what you will get from a mini - and isn't that the point of getting an audio in the first place?

A mini might be a neat looking addition to your bookcase, but if it doesn't sound good, you probably won't listen to it a lot.

The onkyo is the best sounding one out of the top recommendations, but NAD L40 is a cut above that - with a decent speakers like Mission (the last link).

Onkyo is pretty good, and great and tidy looking.
NAD sounds better, but is a full size one.


Another possibility is just getting powered speakers for your Ipod, and getting a portable radio like sony for instance.
This one will sound better than most mini, and is black. You can hook up your Ipod to it. The onkyo and the NAD will also work with your Ipod. 26%26

Onkyo is tidy looking, sounds pretty good.
NAD sounds better but might not fit your bookcase.
Zvox is just a powered speaker, so you have to get a seperate portable radio for it.

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