Onkyo TX-SR700 cutting out on CDs only, need help!


I am having some major problems getting my receiver to play CDs above 48db without the receiver cutting out.

I have an Onkyo TX-SR700 with an Onkyo DX-C380 cd player, Bose front and back speakers, Klipsh center speaker and Polk Audio PSW 202 subwoofer. I am using all monster cables including, speakers and digital optical cables to my Directv receiver and my cd player and digital coaxial to my dvd player.

I can play dvd's at more than 75db without any cut out from the receiver (not that I ever do!) and I can play the tuner at more than 75db without any cut out and I can play my DirecTV movie & music channels with again no problems with volume limits, but when it comes to playing cd's I can't go above around 48db without the receiver cutting out, unless I turn off the subwoofer. It makes no difference what mode the receiver is in, unless the sub is off I can't play cd's!

Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?
Listening to cd's on this system without any bass
sounds horrible.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

Phil Krewer
I used to own a DS797 and you could set the base cutoff. Have you tried the base cutoff menu and set that to a different value


Unfortunately there is no base cutoff on the SR700,(that I have found or read about) I have played with the speaker config menu and nothing has worked.

One more note! I can't believe I did not try this sooner but I just played some cd's that were cutting out the receiver from the cd player and then I tried playing the same cd's in the dvd player and the cd's sounded awesome playing from the dvd player, no cut out from the receiver whatsoever. I'm still really puzzled the cd player is brand new!

Any ideas?

Phil Krewer
Have you tried to change the input of your cd player to a different input.


Just in case this might help anyone out later I fixed the problem by calling Onkyo (it only took 3 days to get someone on the phone), told them the problem and they told me to go exchange the cd player for a new one, the new one works great. The problem was the cd player was no good out of the box!

Thanks for the input!

Phil Krewer

Onkyo does seem to have some quality control issues. Too bad their equipment sounds great. Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired as well. I just bought the Denon 3803 and love it. Best reciever I've ever owned.
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