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I'm going nuts researching the best way to hook up my sub! I have an NAD763 receiver, Polk PSW650 sub and bookshelf speakers up front. The 763 has a sub pre-out jack that is filtered (like most receivers). The sub has L/R line level & speakers level ins and an LFE input jack. My first thought is to connect the sub pre-out to the LFE jack but since the 763's sub pre-out jack is filtered, it has been recommende by Polk's website to connect via the receiver's front L&R speaker pre-out jacks to the subs line level in jacks. Does the LFE signal get filtered by the receiver in anyway? Sorry for the confusion, but I just can't seem to get a definitive answer on how to hook up my sub. Thanks for your input!

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Don't know if this will help at all but I'll share what I did.

I've got a Denon UD-M50 minisystem and what I did was use it's sub pre-out jack and connected that with Sub cable to the LFE input on my Mission MS-8 sub. I got the sub hoping to help my Energy C-1 speakers which struggled at low frequencies.

Now I'm not sure if my Denon's sub pre out is filtered, but the sub has really worked out great for me, producing nice, tight bass. I can actually adjust the sub's crossover and it really has a profound effect on the sound produced. The best result is when I set the crossover to about 95hz, which leads me to believe that the Denon isn't filtered. Adjusting the crossover up or down from 95 produces negative results.

You should be able to buy a subwoofer cable and try to connect via the sub pre-out, and if the results are not satisfactory get a full refund. I could be wrong about this, but if your NAD's filter is set at say 100hz, use the sub pre out and adjust the crossover on the sub to 100hz or higher. All frequencies should be covered. If you set it lower than 100hz, say at 80hz, it will only play 80 and below, but the NAD will be sending it a signal for 100 and you'll get missed frequencies. To my mind, you should be able to make things work just by playing with the sub's crossover...even if the NAD is filtered...but of course this will leave you at the mercy of whatever frequency NAD chose for their filter.

Not sure if that's how it works...maybe someone here can confirm.

Also, from what Polk's site says, if your receiver is filtered then using the pre out and LFE input of the sub does make sense in that it eliminates the double filtering effect by by-passing the sub's filter. This is also an indication to me that it's not necessarily the wrong way to go.

Just providing my limited experience and if someone else here can chime in.
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