Onkyo TX-SR500 vs TX-SR600


I currently have an 8 yr. old Bose Acoustimass system with an out-dated JVC receiver. I was hoping that by updating the receiver alone would make a big difference to the home theater. My room is 13' x 18' and I don't anticipate the need for 6.1 compared to the 5.1, but wondered if I would need the extra power. Also, with all the negative things I have been reading about Bose I may look to eventually upgrade the speakers as well to possibly Polk or JBL.

Hi Jeff,
Yes a receiver can make a big difference. I have an older bose AM-7 system and I only upgraded the receiver from an analog Yamaha (RX-V590) to a digital Onkyo (TX-SR700). The difference is huge. I'd go with at least the TX-SR700 rather than the TX-SR600 because of the increase in wattage. But either way you go, go for it!

Thanks Gecko,
The only problem now is that the TX-SR700 is $500 more than the SR500 and $300 more than the SR600. What about the "bigger bang for the buck" angle?


Well, first off...I think that the best bang for the buck of the Onkyos is the SR600. You lose a little power and the dual zoning from the SR700...you still have A + B speakers though...and you have the 6.1 decodings. If you have the money then yes the 700 is better, but I know that I had to draw the line somewhere...Like most, I had a certain budget. I personally would put extra money into the speakers than the receiver. New formats, features, etc will come out on newer receivers. Thus, if you wanted to get the new features, replacing the receiver would be required. Good speakers, however, will be able to be used in the future.

Secondly, I'd like to thank everyone for their input on all the questions that I asked or read about. This is what I ended up with (this is my first home receiver):
1 Onkyo TX-SR600
4 Monitor Audio Bronze B2 for fronts and surrounds
1 Monitor Audio Centre
1 Velodyne VLF-1012 subwoofer

and I am VERY pleased with it. I do hope that later this year to buy 1 more B2 for the rear center to fill out the receiver's capabilities. ;-)


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