I could really use your help!!


Phil Krewer
I just got into the home theater game and I'm looking to buy a new receiver. I had purchased a Onkyo TX-DS797 and loved it but the sound cut out in some DVDs and in Dolby broadcasts so I returned it. Being new to home theater I could really use everyones help. My present system consists of:

Pioneer elite DV-C36 DVD player
Harmon/Kardon FL-8380 CD player
Infinity IL60 fronts
Infinity IL36C center
Infinity IL10 surounds
Infinity IL25C rear center

I would really like to find a nice reciever to match my speakers. The ones I have been thinking about are the Integra DTR-7.3. I liked the sound of the Onkyo and the integra has internet radio and a RS-232 port. I can buy this at HI-FI Buys for $1000. I can get the Denon AVR-3803 at the same place for $920. It seems to have the better components, but sounds a little flat compaired to the Integra. However, my speakers are a little bright and it the Denon could be a great match for that reason. I'm also thinking about the Yamaha RX-V3300, in which case I would buy a pair of Infinity IL50s for the surounds and use the IL10s for the front effects, and the Pioneer Elite VSX-45TX. The Pioneer I could buy for $840 on ebay but I worry about the warrenty. Right now I'm pretty confused about which one to buy and could really use your help. Thanks in advance


Hey Phil,

I own a Harman/Kardon AVR 320 (low-range), but from the sound of it, it appears you would want the AVR 520 (mid-range) or AVR 8000 (high-range). I love my receiver, and I also own the IL 60's and agree they can be a little bright. However, the build quality of my receiver, actual power (not rated), high currency emission, combined with the sensitivity of my IL 60's create incredible sound. I have owned Onkyo, Kenwood, Sony, etc... and IMHO, it is better to stick with brands that are closely linked (e.g., Harman/Kardon and infinity). I have plenty of power because the Interlude series, as you probably know, require very little power to produce excellent sound.

I am looking into getting the IL36C for a center. How do you like it?

Phil Krewer

Hey, I actually ended up with an RX-V1 after going through a 3803. I had a AVR-520 for a week before but it died. I'm very happy with the V1 and I love the IL36C and think its a great center for the money. I think you can get one for about $250 at the moment on ebay or ubid. It matches with the IL60s extremely well as it should.

Good luck,


hi. i love the onkyo tx-ds989 with my il series.i have il-60's,il-36c,4 il-10's.great surround 7.1. best receiver i've owned. everyone loves it. and for jamming out the 130 by 7 and the powered subs just rock ( the receiver has 2 sub outs). how do you like the il series after a few months? anyone found a good remote?the chad?
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