Need Help getting sound from tv to Sony HT-DDW840 receiver


Staci Herrington
O.k. so I recently purchased a Sony HDTV, Sony HT-DDW840 home theater and Sony DVD player. the DVD player plays through the surround sound system, my tv will not, have tried what i thought was every configuration that i could think of to make the thing work. I can hear some sound out of the speakers but that is at full volume and there is still very little compared to the actual volume that the system produces with the dvd. any advice would be grateful.

Staci - Did you figure it out? I have a similar problem. I have a Sony HDTV, and just working on hooking up Yamaha home theater. Everything sounds great except the TV. I have to really crank up the volume to get anything out of the AV speakers. It may not be the TV, and I connected from Cable box analog out to the Yamaha system, and it was also soft volume.

I just e-mailed the Yamaha help desk - I'll let you know if I get anything back.

I had a similar problem with my Toshiba and Onkyo hts 650. The dvd audio was working, but the tv volume was extremely low even at high volumes. I had turned off my tv speakers so I couldn't figure out what the problem was. Then, I looked further into my tv menus. I don't know if your tv is like this, but the speaker set up in the menu has an option for fixed or variable output. I switched to fixed and now it works perfect. I thought it wouldn't matter since I had turned the tv speakers off, but I guess it did. Hope this helps.

To tell you the truth, it is better to buy a 4 head HI-FI VCR. The reason is that if you do it this way you dont have to worry about going in to the tv's menu and turn on the tv speakers when you trun off the stereo. Also this way is better for you are watching VHS movies in stereo, not mono.
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