Awia Jax-S5 mini system anyone know?


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I'm searching for a mini system for my bedroom and I like the aiwa's because they have the coolest display with a spectrum analyzer and everything. Specifically the Awia Jax-S5. Does anyone have this system or know how good Aiwa is for mini systems? Any recommendations?

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I have an Aiwa NSX-D30. It is a great system, with some cool features. You can plug it into your TV or computer. It has adjustable treble and bass. The bass doesn't distort the sound at high volumes, like some other systems. It has great sound quality, but if your looking to make the floor shake, this isn't your system. Good for small rooms. No sub-woofer out. I don't recomend this model, unless your funds are very limited. I do really like the Aiwa brand, so I would check out their website at:

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I recently purchased the JAX-S5 system at Wal-Mart for about $145.00. I recommend it because it hits pretty hard. The highs and mids sound crisp and clear. However, this unit fails to produce a really low frequency that I crave. There was a JVC with an unusual looking ported tube on top of the speakers that produced some excellent low frequency bass and great mids & highs. I fell in love with the JVC, but the price was not what I wanted to pay ($193.00 at Sam's Club).

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On the Aiwa Jax-s5, does anyone know if it shows the name of the song on the system when you play mp3 discs?

Does anyone know if its ok to hook two speakers up into the inlet. I have a Aiwa Jax S5 which has 2 speakers and want to hook up two more speaker sup to it but using the same inlets. Is this ok for the system?
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