Resources for fixing Sony STR-D 315


I have a slightly older model Sony reciever and it has recently stopped working. When powered on there is no visuals and no audio output, but I can hear something operating inside. I tried to take it to be fixed but they tried to charge me $200, which is about the value of the machine.

I have a feeling the solution is not worth $200, possibly a blown transistor or fuse.
My question is this: Does anybody know of any resources on the web that can help me diagnose problems such as this, or a resource that might have visios of the SONY boards etc. Thanks in advance for all your help.

Hi, Actually I just had the samething happen to me? I have the sony STR-DE925 receiver. Its just about 3yrs old.

any luck how to fix this problem?


This is in regards to the Sony receiver, particularly the STR-DE 925. I am about to order from a friend who works at Sony (in the LA area) the schematics for this receiver and a basic "Priciples of Operations" manual should come with it. Sounds like both of you guys have a bad or blown IC chip. I will ask if he has ever heard of that for either one of those models, and see if it is a common failure. My (possibly) problem is the surround sound is starting to bounce back and forth to regular and Sur Sound. This sounds like a chatter sound coming from the unit itself. My assumption is that the relay that controls this has a bad Diode and this causes the relay not to latch. Anyways, if I find something I will try to contact you guys, so pop me an e-mail or something. Thanks!! Brian Broussard in San Diego

I have a Kenwood KDS-1011S The connector to the back of the unit lost all connection. The problem is within the unit itself. This is bad. Give suggestions!

Any progress with the Sony's? I have a STR-DE915 that seems to work fine except that there is no sound at the speakers or the Headphones jack. I could really use some help... Thanks!
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