Match an Amp To My Speakers!!


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Hey Everyone,

I've recently come across a great deal on a set of Polk LSi7 bookshelf speakers for a bargain. I'm a student on a shoestring budget, but I couldn't pass these up.

Now I need to find myself an integrated amp that will do these speakers some justice, while keeping the price to an absolute minimum (preferably $300 at most). Sooo if you've got some ideas for a solid amp for these speakers that fits my budget please weigh in!

I'm not at all opposed to looking at 2nd hand gear either, btw. The cheaper the better for now.

Thanks in advance!

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Simon -

Scroll down to the integrated amps section. They have some refurbished and used stuff within your price range. They all seem like good makes/models. That store is an actual store, and not like e-bay. You can call and talk to someone there, and most likely get good results if you are unhappy with your purchase.

Another thing that comes to mind is vintage Marantz receivers. There are one or two people that refurbish/restore them professionally and sell them on e-bay. One is Shain's audio, and another is a hi-fi shop in NJ (can't remember the name). I haven't bought from any of them, but someone here was talking a while back about how good the receiver from Shain's is. My father has a vintage Marantz receiver that he bought new back in the mid 70's. For the money, they are built better and sound better than almost anything you will find new today.

If you stretch your $300 max another $50 or $100, you have a few very good new integrateds like NAD and Cambridge that are worth every penny and then some. I too was in college and know how impossible that can be at times.

Good luck, and let us know if you need any other help.

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Yeah,my dad found an old Scott from the 70s and said it was killer back then.The guy wanted $150.00 for it and he bought,one thing i can say the old recievers were extremely good back then and will put much of the new budget stuff to shame.

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This one sounds pretty smooth and warm like an upscale piece - powerful too with 100watts.

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