Perfect speakers for marantz sr7400


i'm using mission 702 wright now, but thinking about getting Linn Ninka or B&W 603s3
which one would be a better match with marantz sr7400

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I auditioned the B&Ws above and loved them, but they didn't fit my physical space. Haven't had the pleasure of hearing the missions. Did you hear the B&Ws at a dealer?

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I have JBL XTi 60's for mains, B&W6S2 center, and JBL S3611's for rears for my SR7300 and the sound is excellent. The XTi60s are wonderful for stereo especially but are not available in all countries. Although some of the lower XTi range did not get favourable reviews, the 60 model is somewhat special. Have read several threads stating the B&W 603S2's are a great match with Marantz receivers.

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I can't think of a better combo for small rooms than a Marantz receiver and B&W speakers. I have been using a SR7000 with 603 S1's for mains, the B&W LCR6 for center, and the lovely JBL S36 for surrounds. And, truly, I have had folks say it sounds better than much, much more expensive systems. It just has balance and presence.

I recently got a steal on a pair of AAD 2001's for mains and the AAD 2000c for the center. It has more detail than the B&W system, sure...but I am slowly beginning to realize that it does not have that balance. Don't underestimate the value of balance!

Good luck on your search.

thanks guys
i'll go for the B&W my dealer will let me take them home for the weekend, so i can realy listen to them. I wouldn't mind getting Linn speakers but they are twice as much so the B&W fit my budget perfectly.
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