ONKYO TX-SR600 vs. KENWOOD VR-6070 vs. DENON AVR 2802 vs. HARMON KARMON AVR 520 vs. YAMAHA 1200


I am currently comparing the above mentioned A/V recievers for purchase in the near future. I would appreciate any feedback you have on these models or any others I should look at for around $500 or under.


For overall bang for the buck, the kenwood is a good value. However, if you have now, or plan to upgrade to speakers w/4 ohm nominal impedance, Kenwood is a poor choice, even their sovereign line. They will go into protect and shut off after a short time. I picked the onkyo sr800 over the denon 3803 because I just liked the sound of the onkyo better, (sounded a tad cleaner and fuller to me). I have heard of several people having problems with the newer harmon kardon equipment. I have witnessed quite a few of these a/v receivers on the "discount" table at my local shop, usually they are there because of returns or being factory serviced. I personally, would stick to the yamaha, denon, or onkyo; but listen to them all and see which sounds best to you. Try to find a dealer that has a good return policy and take each of them home for an in home demo, and pick the one u like most.

I've got the 520 and I like it, but have not been really able to test it due to lack of new speakers.(have 2 30 year old (but nice) Pioneers brought back from the Vietnam War.) No problems to date and options galore. I happen to notice that Circuit City had a 520 driving their top of the line big speaker demo area...made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The Onkyo is nice, but seemed a little cheap and the other components that they put it with seem really cheap, but get good reviews, so hey...must be good. The Denon's were intriguing at first because of name recognition, but really did nothing for me. The only other ones I can think of were the Marantz's, which I didn't get to test, but I'm sure have a nice package. All I can say is I'm happy with H/K.
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