Elite or Onkyo or H/K or Other for 6ohm speakers?


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I currently have a DD only Sony Receiver that I am looking to replace. I have a Yamaha speaker setup (Model CLS-100) which consists of 5 NS-A425s and a Sub. They are 6 ohm speakers. I have been shopping for quite sometime now but have yet to make a decision. I use this setup for 75% HT and 25% Music. My budget tops out at approx. $650.

I am currently undecided on the following features, not in any particular order:
-THX certification (I have a lot of THX certified DVDs so I keep going back to this)
-Video upconversion (don't NEED component now but maybe in the near future)
-Logic7 (intrigues me)
-Nettune (like the idea of listening to MP3s, can be done using my DVD tho, and Internet Radio, not sure how good it works)

I like the NR801 but am unsure as to whether or not it will handle the power. I also like the VSX-45TX.

I think my biggest hang-up is with the 6ohm speakers, I was looking at Kenwood as well but all of the research I have done has led me to believe it will not be able to handle the required power. I like the Elites but do not necessarily have a brand preference and am open to suggestions of other makes/models.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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THX certification is these days nothing more than a badge on the front of the receiver. It gives you no advantage of any kind, propably a few bucks extra price wich goes to Creative (current owner of THX).

Video upconversion is nice, but one or two extra cables for s-video and composite is not so big a deal. Every conversion loses some quality, but I dont know if it's noticeable.

Logic7 is nice and some say it's a bit better than PL2. NEO:6 is clearly weaker than those two. I think 5.1-dsp is enough, but if you feel like going for a 7.1 setup you might want to consider Logic7 (or PL2x).

Nettune seems to be an ok feature. I have a review of NR801E (in finnish) and it says Nettune works fine, it's as easy to use as a CD-player. What's not so good about the Onkyo is it's power. Measured at both 6 and 8 ohm selector gives 5*33W 8ohm and 5*47W 4ohm. In stereo it's not much better, 2*38W 8ohm and 2*63W 4ohm. It is a bit less than the claimed 7*135W. Although they said it had enough power for a 7.1 Dynaudio Contour1.1/Audience42-system where everything under 80Hz was played by the Sub.

About the sound they say it's not very special, grey mid-fi quality, a bit cold and not as detailed as the Pioneer VSX-AX5i (cheapest Elite model with i-link). Though it didn't sound weak or thin in any way.

For how much can you get the Onkyo? Here in Finland it retails a whopping 1950euro.

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A guy has 17 801s(B stock) for auction on eBay. Buy it Now price is set at 659.99 US$ plus $59 for s/h, seems like a good deal. I was mainly looking at that or the VSX-45TX for approx. the same price. Assuming the price is equal, can you recommend one over the other for my setup?

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With your speaker setup I'd go for the Onkyo.

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Thanks for the advice. After hearing the Onkyos had inferior power supplies, I was worried that it may be a little weak for my setup.

Thanks again!
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