Wharfedale?? how do they compare??


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i aw a real nice looking pair of Wharfedale speakers for sale and was wondering how they compared with speakers such as paridigm and B&W. Whhat are these speakers like?

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I'm only familiar with the Wharfedale Diamond 8.2 which a friend of mine bought, $200 a pair. Pretty muddy and muffled-sounding on his Pioneer 414 receiver, but I guess for a total of $350 it still sounded better than his TV's onboard audio.

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B&W's are much nicer speakers...they cost more, but you do get what you pay for, after all.

If you want budget speakers, I hear the new diamond 9 series (by wharfedale) is alright, but I would recommend going all out and getting the B&W's or the paradigms.

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That's going all out is it?
What B&W? What Paradigm? They both make quite a range!


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I don't agree with Cyrus. You DO NOT always get what you pay for in Hi-Fi! I listened to many speakers costing thousands of dollars that don't sound all that! Many times you were paying for the finish instaed of the sound. Some looked really good but they spent all the money on looks !

I have the new Wharfedale 9.6 and love them BUT them's my ears!!!! Always listen before buying. I did not like all B&W's but I did like 90% of them!

Be really careful of other's opinions....listen to your own intuition.

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Danman, I'm looking at the Wharfedale 9 series, I'm fortunate enough to be able to get them at wholesale prices, but that's not the only reason I'm looking at them.

Did you audition the 9.5? If so what did you think, did you go to the 9.6 just purely for more bass?

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I like the 9.6 better because of the fact that I got a great deal as well as the mid-range dome added an extra bit of sound.

The bass was also an added plus as I was tired of using a sub with music. I found that the HSU is a great sub but added a little more bass than I thought was "natural". Some CD's need the sub to sound better and I find that even with the 8" woofers, I sometimes add the sub with rock music.

The bass from these speakers is incredible and very tight. I compared these directly to the JMLab models of the same configuration and found that only the highs were a little better. Mid range and bass was way better with the Wharfedales for half the price and the fit and finish is beyond belief for this price. This is a speaker that will be a big hit in my opinion.

As I said.........this is an objective issue when one talks about speakers. To each his own BUT never buy what someone else says is better until you hear it!

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I would like to thank Radio St-Hubert in Montreal for selling me these speakers and sending them to me and reccomend interested parties to check out their store. Service is wonderful.

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Ohh yes, I can agree with you Danman, I really enjoyed that store, I wanted to test my Klipsch RF-35 with a H/K receiver and the salesman was really helpful, he didnt care about plugging/unplugging all the equipments so I could have a better idea of what I would need.

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I buy my NAD stuff where I live but everything else will be at their store. I guess I just like NAD.

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I got the diamond 9.1, honestly for the price its extremely good, solid bass, very good mid very natural, the high mmmmm a bit harsh not smooth. Its value for money, but if you looking for quality then prepare to pay more. I tested the 9.1 and 9.2 and ended up with the 9.1 as my room is small.
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